Forming Community Asking For Advice And Recommendations (Especially a recommended lawyer)

Hey y’all, my name’s Lang. I’m an organizer with the PPC, a forming IC/Commune in Southern MI.

We’ve been struggling with the legal side of our own commune project (particularly a lawyer we are no longer working with) and are hoping to find a better one who has experience with projects like ours through the Foundation for Intentional Community.
We want to know if anyone here has recommendations for either a lawyer (preferably in MI but we’ll take what we can get) or a particular type of state-recognized entity to organize as (LLC/501c#/etc) when buying property or communally managing it. Currently we’re looking at 501c7 status.
We’d also love to take a look at community’s “business” or community bylaws if people would be open to sharing them.

We would also greatly appreciate any insights, info, or advice y’all can provide us in regards to other aspects of forming a new community.

In Solidarity,