Housing Co-op and Land Trust

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I am currently looking at the best legal structure for my intentional community, and I am leaning towards the Co-op with an LLC or Land Trust. I was wondering who here is setup under one of these, and how is it going for you, and could you provide some insight like resources I could go to and get a better idea of the two.

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This is (somewhat) dependent on your location. This is a good resource, I think, to get started: https://www.nasco.coop/sites/default/files/srl/Organizer's%20Handbook-2020%20edition%20[Compressed%20Book%20Layout].pdf
and if you live in the Northeast U.S., this has some good resources:
Resource Center – Cooperative Development Institute


I suggest checking out the website of Grounded Solutions. They have a lot on CLTs. Also the School of Living which uses CLTs with intentional communities.

Replying again from my personal perspective, rather than as a moderator:

My community is also thinking deeply about these structural questions. Right now, the three of us own a house together as individuals and don’t yet have a legal ‘business’ entity. We’ve been using a book called Creating a Life Together by Diana Leafe Christian to help guide our process, and there are a few chapters in it on the different legal structures available to intentional communities

If you are in California the best resource would be Sustainable Economies Law Center (theselc.org).

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Hi Stephanie! FIC team member here. This is a great short video on CLTs from the FIC youtube channel. We hosted this event a while back with School of Living’s (SOL) Karen Stupski and Herb Goldstein so this is their take on CLTs.

Thanks for sharing about your process here on the forum! I’m starting a homestead in Maine with my partner and we’re interested in potentially expanding it into a CLT too.