If you have land and want community?

What advice do you have for those who own a home and land in the country, and want community but aren’t eager to move and aren’t sure we’d succeed at starting a community? We own 17 acres with our home and a cabin in southern Indiana, and there seem to be a number of listings on the communities directory in a similar situation; just a family wanting to start something on their land.

I’m sure ownership issues are part of it; not many people want to put in work building up homes on someone else’s land that they don’t have rights to. Would putting the land in some kind of land trust be the solution?

Finding the right people is also a challenge, there aren’t that many community seekers anyway and there are so many things you’d like to have in common with those you start a community with. Also people that think outside the box enough to do this are less likely to fit into the common cultural categories.


Yes, kind of a chicken/egg situation. I wonder about the best way of going about it, too. Aside from starting with the local community, I was thinking long the lines of finding ways to attract people to a piece of property - like offering space to writers or artists to work on a temporary basis. That way common areas could be developed, and independent space could be established.

I haven’t bought any property yet, I’m still in conceptual mode :slight_smile: but I’m wondering how the seed germinates, too.


Hey Folks, I’ve got quite a bit of experience with this at this point. Feel free to reach out to set a time to chat, too much to write about :slight_smile:


Recently, I started the course on legal entity with Clifford Pauli after hearing him in interview with Rebecca.

That seemed very helpful way to resolve the problem of owning land together.

I find that it removed obstacles that were not removed by reading Diana Leafe Christian: Creating A Life Together

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I thought the following link might be helpful for fellow communitarians. I got bored & happened upon it.

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I just listened to that interview again and took lots of notes. I have been thinking for the past few weeks about this concept and I was very relieved to hear this episode. So the class has been very helpful, hmm. I wish I could sign up but it is already in session :pensive: Is there a book or anything out there? Not sure I can wait until September for the next class​:nerd_face: