Struggling Communities Wanting Fresh Blood and Support?

I am looking for communities that are struggling to regain their mojo, their connection but have the infrastructure and land ready for a # of folks to come their way. especially looking for young families. My young family has a lot to bring to the table around community, permaculture and such and instead of starting our own, we thought it would be great to help an existing community. one that is immersed in nature, that has some level of values alignment (or desire) there in. if want to chat directly :slight_smile:


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Best of luck on this community search, and on your upcoming event with us :smile:

Hi Aaron, I am also looking for a similar community with land and children, possibly even a shared self-directed schooling situation or an alternative school nearby. How has the search been so far for you?

You might want to come to the Twin Oaks Communities Conference over labor day in central Virginia. Here is the Facebook event Twin Oaks Communities Conference 2022
or reply to me. The website is not quite current at


I am part of a group (of mostly families with young children) working on starting an ecovillage. I know you said you are looking for an existing community but I’d love to talk with you more if you are interested. I’m very interested in permaculture but I have a lot to learn! I’m starting a course this June.

Hi my name is Karina Anderson of [Coalition for True World Change] (C4TWC)( lets share ideas please.