Evolution via Co-Creation

Evolution via Co-Creating Community

Presently living in Cottonwood AZ preparing to buy land for a community. Seeking those interested in biodynamic farming, Expressive Arts, Spirituality & Healing.

Having spent 15 years living in intentional community and 30 years working as an expressive arts therapist, educator, dream weaver, I have had many amazing awakening learning and sharing with people of diverse cultures. I have had the honor to share creative expression with an array of people from around the world; Native American, African American, Asian, Hispanic, Hawaiian, Irish, Veterans, individuals challenged with drug/alcohol issues, mental health issues, disabilities, autism, brain injury, homeless, wealthy, in transition, those lost and those found. It’s been a ride!

My gratitude is huge. People (and animals) desire greater joy, peace, appreciate loving kindness, need connection, playfulness, laughter, lightening up, healing, growing and awakening.

Thanks to working with a variety of people through work, life & living in spiritual community I am returning to a more simple way of life that has been deep and personally transformational. Being creative: acting, dancing, authentic Movement, painting, basket making, & sharing story prepares the way, educates, inspires, heals and connects us to each other. Expressive Arts help us to keep our ancestors in our hearts, remembering the good & hardships of the past. It helps us to continue being creative in life. Expression is essential to developing identity and elemental in healing relationships with self and others.

Presently my intention is to tie all my life experiences together and co- create an intentional community. If you’re open to joining me in this adventure, I welcome correspondence. If you want to spend more time in nature, meditate, be creative & awaken your heart, share your vision and what you have to offer.

Many Blessings Abound~

Lilla Oakes Khalsa



Hey Lilla, hope this message finds you well. I am curious where you are hoping to buy land and settle?

You sound like you would have much to offer a future community! I wish you luck in your journey.

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I am looking for communities … especially looking for young families. My young family has a lot to bring to the table around community, permaculture and such and instead of starting our own, we thought it would be great to help an existing community. one that is immersed in nature, that has some level of values alignment (or desire) there in. AaronPKahlow3@gmail.com if want to chat directly :slight_smile: