Finding partners to co-create a New Earth community

Looking for people interested in purchasing a 50 acres + property as a collective considering using land trust, pma, land patent or whatever is suitable for the vision in the East Mountains Southeast of Albuquerque NM.

We have things available move to this new location to easier start the community: 2 yurts (30’ and 24’), 2 livable campers (a small and a large) with wood stoves. Several sheds, a significant solar system, possibly a fairly large chicken run/coop, two XL freezers, Water tanks, a few fridges, lots of tools and lumber materials, quite a bit of emergency food and some other things.

As now we are open for the right people to join us where we currently are, We have a 3 br adobe house and a casita available. We would do a financial and possibly work trade agreement and ideally prepare for the move to this new vision. On this land we also have a sweat lodge we typically use monthly, one of the yurt is used to offer workshops, yoga, sessions…, chickens and the rest I mentioned.

We would also be interested in the possibility to co-create a healing center on the new property if that feels something appropriate for the community.

We are aware of 2 different locations which for be for sale, both in nature on these mountains, one 105 acres literally within a forest, with a house, a large shop, a large pavillon, a well not currently used as it trips the solar system. The other is a 53 acre in a large valley with a 3 bedroom earthship, a tiny earthship some grid power and of course solar.

Pm me if you are interested and feel free to pass this along to anyone potentially interested. Many blessings to you all. :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

Earthships are interesting. I wonder if some of these alternative dwelling types can fudge zoning rules, maybe the gov. won’t see them as full-on dwellings, :wink: thus expanding what can be done with land.