Is there anybody out there?

The posts seem to be aged and the last comment is all from the xxxranqvillxxx guy. Some of them me and it seems there is no getting involved.

Aww; I’m here :3
I watch the forums through the email list but I’m not ready to make intentional communities yet (I’ve had setbacks, but have a promising future!)

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Hey, “Tranqvillium guy” (Erik) here… :slight_smile: Ready to get involved?

Hey Erik , I tried the application form but there are questions on it that I cannot answer atm. Any alternatives?


“…Any alternatives?..”
yeah, visit enuff of them that U learn abt them/U,
become a lill more energized, pro-active, less cerebral
and … eventually pursue happiness (not as a goal but
as a product of a life well lived). Best of Luck ! Enjoy !
In Community,

  • -BroChad
    BTW: lotta assumptions on my prt (U no what they say bout that)

After taking a break from the idea of live together community and focusing on other aspects of community in my life I’m back, couldn’t shake this desire for intentional community on this level. So revisiting these ideas and goals to see what might happen and maybe this time it will be time. But we’ll see, I think what’s different this go 'round is that I’m not going to hurry anything and I’m going to just observe and learn, and if the right renting situation comes along we’ll go for it, now that we’ve accepted that we can’t buy anytime soon.