Northern California Rasta Vibes

Hi Everyone, I am a 29 year old male looking for a place to call home. I have spent a lot of time making music, learning audio engineering, selling clothes, now customizing and upcycling clothes, skateboarding, reading, learning about nutrition, studying philosophy, and learning about Nature and the amazing system it is. I have been gardening at my community garden for 8 years and have learned a good amount about seed starting, seed saving, how to care for young plants, how to harvest effectively, how to use herbs for healing, and some stuff about mushrooms. Right now I rent a room in an apartment in the Bay Area but I really need more space, raw wilderness, space to experiment and practice with agriculture and construction. I want to learn how to build eco friendly living structures. And at the same time, I do love some things about cities, like the energy, the streets (for skateboarding and cycling), meeting new people, seeing new things, and the opportunities. But living with loud neighbors, not having the space for a dog, having to drive to get into Nature, these things erk me. What I’d love more than anything is a good balance of both worlds. Hard to come by, but maybe some of you are trying to create the same thing and we could help each other. I’m a pretty laid back person but I do get obsessed with things I’m passionate about, and hard for me to do things I’m not passionate about. I enjoy me a nice joint and love growing the cannabis plant. Let’s connect.

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hey lets connect I have 4 acres in eastern Oregon in the wilderness but a pretty cool conscious community of locals but I’m a super chill down to earth rasta who just got blessed with inheritance so I invested it in a place to share with the cool ppl

Hey RasTeffin,
Can you tell me more about your community? I am considering my dissertation for a PhD (American Culture, Media, and Film Critical Studies) on intentional communities and communitarianism. I would like to know more about yours (i.e., name, size, mission, and rules).

About me. I am a 49 y/o BiPOC, straight, male. Free thinking, liberal politically, conservative fiscally, humanist, peace-loving, Buddhist leaning.