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Hi folks! I’m a big podcast nerd so I’ve been excited to for the recent launch of two community focused podcasts.

Inside Community Podcast - FIC launched the Inside Community Podcast with Rebecca Mesritz (co-founder of Emerald Village) in early 2022. I’ve been having so much fun following along with Rebecca and her guests so far. Episode 4 with Yana Ludwig (Finding Co-Founders and Creating Cooperative Culture) just came out. Boy is it giving me all the ideas for my dream community. It’s available at Inside Community Podcast - Foundation for Intentional Community or wherever you get your podcasts.

Community, the Ecovillage Podcast - another fantastic recent podcast from the Global Ecovillage Network. Episode 9 is all about crowdfunding community. Listen at Community Podcast - GEN Europe

Any other fans have a favorite episode from either of these? What other podcasts or other community resources do folks enjoy? Always looking for more recommendations.


Hi Emlyn !

I share your interest in podcast and have been looking for intentional comminuty podcasts for 3 to 5 years :eyes:

The best I’ve heard is Rebecca Mesritz’s INSIDE COMMUNITY. There is only 5 episodes, but new ones are currently coming out every week. The episode with Yana Ludwig is very good and probably my favourite thus far.

I listened to only two of GEN Europe’s COMMUNITY ECOVILLAGE PODCAST… I need more time to make up my mind.

Through the years, I found about half a dozen podcast related to Intentional Communities. My second favourite is EARTHAVEN ECOVILLAGE PODCAST. There is a great episode with Diana Leafe Christian ! Only 8 episodes, but quality content.

Here is a list :point_down:

  1. INSIDE COMMUNITY by Rebecca Mesritz
  2. EARTHAVEN ECOVILLAGE PODCAST by Earthaven’s School of Integrated Living
  4. ECOVILLAGE LIBRARY by Christopher Kinney
  5. AN ECOVILLAGE PODCAST by Michelle Rivadeneira
  6. LA VOIX DES OASIS by Alexandre Sattler (French)

Also two weeks ago, I started my own podcast about intentional communities in my area. It’s in french though :fr:

Cheers !


Hi @UgoDutil and @Emlyn_Crocker ! Would you post some of these podcasts in the new “Other Spaces to talk about Community” Topic?


I’m so happy to hear that you are enjoying the podcast! Thank you for this list of other community shows… I hadn’t heard “An Ecovillage Podcast” yet.

Congratulations on launching your new podcast! When you say it’s about communities in your area, I’m curious to know if there are many communities where you live and where you live. What types of topics are you planning to cover?

I’ve just listenes to two of these episodes and I already really like it. Thanks, MizMez! Looking forward to more episodes.

I can also highly recommend the Earthaven Postcast and the Ecovillage Library for anybody who happens to be reading my post.

Thanks ! I didn’t know there was a subreddit on intentionnal communities.

Hi Rebecca, I great to hear from you !

I live in the province of Quebec, which is the french part of Canada. It’s hard to say if there are many communities in the area. There is a big cohousing in the city of Quebec and an ecovillage called La Cite Ecologique that’s been active since the 80s (that’s where I grew up and still live). There probably are 15 to 20 active ICs in the province. But I noticed there are a lot of new projects starting.

The podcast I started is more story-oriented. Telling the story of people who live in communities or who are active in the movement and the stories of the communities themselves. That’s going to bring a lot of different topics on the table each episode. For instance, the second episode, I spoke with someone living in a egalitarian commune and we talked about crowdfunding a loan, owning land communally, anarchic vs collective decision making, how community gives life purpose, live together to reduce our footprint, creating versus joining a community, differences between theory and reality, income sharing, culture gaps (between mainstream society and living in an income sharing comune) and the importance of documenting our community experiences.

I look forward to your next Inside Community podcast episodes ! Keep it going, it’s great !


Thank you!

My French is pretty much just conversational (if I’m being very generous with myself!:wink:) or I’d love to listen to yours.

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Rebecca is doing a superb work. Everything was interesting from a IC community developer perspective.

I like the episode about legal entities and this other one about financing. Those topics have seems intractable for a long time for us and now I have orientation to move ahead.

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I’m wondering if I am the only one who would really love less “entry level” content from a community podcast. Like, it feels like every podcast and every book wants to cover conflict, governance, shared vision and values, etc. these things are obviously important but I just feel like the information is out there, and also it is So abstract.
I want to hear from a half dozen communities (and a few folks from each one!) the real deal specifics for how they deal with pets. Not just “pets are hard”. I know they are! What are the examples of policies and strategies about pets and what do the people living with them think works well and what doesn’t.
The thing I want is specific stories with all the context and specificity that is relevant for each community.
Here are a few more subjects:
“Do your organization/s pay people? How does that work?”
“Do people build physical things in your community? How does that work?”
“When have you most seriously considered leaving community?”
“What mistakes have you personally made in community?”
“Which decisions have been hardest in your community, and which decisions have you later appreciated more or come to feel were mistakes? Relatedly, why and how your perspective has changed on a topic”
“Does your community always adhere to all of its agreements?”
“Who does what kinds of work?”
“What keeps you in community?”

I’ve got a million more questions but that’s a start.


These are all great ideas. If there is an interest, maybe someone will make one. We do have these forums, though! Feel free to make a topic that suits your fancy :grinning:

Lol, good point! I guess I tend to spend a lot more time listening to podcasts and having 1 sided conversations in my head than participating on forums! Maybe I’ll start a thread one day…

Yes! I agree. I do love podcasts. I’m just excited there IS a podcast about ICs! As a budding communitarian is a great to have this resource!

Have you heard the Ecovillage Library? That is a good one.

Also, message me about a Podcast Club. If enough interest (and time on my plate) I may want to have a club where we discuss IC podcast episodes. I am also a part of a book club where we are discussing Yana Ludwid’s book Cooperative Culture and we are doing weekly zoom meeting. It is not me who started it, but rather another forum member @Lila_Heard so maybe message her.

I must now find the Global Ecovillage Network podcast which I just now discovered!


I love the Houston Cohousing Podcast. They do a great job. I have a podcast too which you can find at