Artisan and Cultural Workshops?

Hi everyone,
Has anyone conducted artisan workshops in their communities with good outcomes? I spoke with members of the local community here in Ecuador about conducting artisan workshops to teach and learn new skills. The idea is this may be a way of interfacing in a positive manner and generating additional economic prosperity for those in the local community who are experiencing hard times financially. Soap Making? Pottery? Music Concerts, Drum Circle, making organic Teas, etc.??

The idea needs further exploration of course, but once the community is mature and functioning well, the thought is to promote events and invite guests, tourism activities, etc. that would highlight the work of our small collaborative community and compensate the locals for their artisan skills provided during the workshops. At the moment it’s only an idea for development and discussion as future co-creators and members shape our little community.

Reach out if you have input to help us gain momentum on this idea.
Many thanks :slight_smile:

I am an artist as well so I am very interested. Please reach out. Thanks.

yes that is the way we are setting up our villages in every state.

Would love to lean into this topic further and gather interest in the artisan workshops. Do you have any online sources, success stories you can share?

There’s a small group in the local community we’d like to involve and I’m thinking “soap making” would be a great beginning.

There’s not a lot of economic opportunity locally for many in our local community. Perhaps our proposed artisan workshops may be an avenue to support our neighbors, stay involved in the community and build international support for our new forming IC at the same time.

Artisan workshops and crafts could be a means to connect and involve our neighbors and create an income stream to support them as our community grows. Would love to hear how you did it in your region.

All the best,
-Donnie Austin