Looking for members of a eco cohousing community in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Our cohousing community is being birthed just 20minutes away from a magical city, in the heart of Mexico. We are stewards of sacred land (on top of a ROSE Quartz plate so the energy is lovely and grounded).
The intention of the community is the regeneration of the land and living a sustainable and modern lifestyle.
We are into wellness practices like breathwork, yoga and other energy alignment practices but each person is welcome to practice whatever brings them joy.

At the moment Mike and I (the main founders) are already living here and in the next few weeks our neighbour Kathy will join as her house is being finished. We also have 2 other houses construction and our other neighbours (Scott and Anne) will move in the fall.

Living in this part of the world has many benefits like:
low cost of living
abundance of wellness centers, therapies, workshops and artist vibes
a closed knit wellness community in town
and MAGIC all around!

If these resonate with you and want to chat, leave me a note here…

Our website is www.hapori.com.mx