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Back in 2021, as Australia went into its’ second round of lockdowns and started banning travel, I left my legal counsel role with a large solar provider in Australia and set out to Central America to learn about natural building and permaculture. I also wanted to experience community living. I had no idea where to start but I booked a one way ticket, signed up with a workaway account and headed out on the road.

I have since attended multiple trainings in both the Americas and Europe, volunteered and lived with a bunch of different projects from mature to early stage, run a total of 8 seminars on the fundamentals required to create a startup land based community and founded two intentional communities, one in Australia and one in Guatemala.

Today I split my time between working as the manager of the Karuna Atitlan artists residency in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and building on my projects in Australia and nearby to Karuna here in Lake Atitlan. My work with clients is entirely focused on helping others to structure and finance their own projects, helping people get their money out of the ‘system’ and into their own land so that they can build for the future with people that they trust.

I have achieved my dream of immersing myself in community life and contributing to others doing the same, and it has been so rewarding. I have learned a lot about what makes a successful community, both in startup phase as well as in the mature ‘operational’ phase. I have grown a lot in terms of leadership skills and what it takes to make community life work.

I’ve found that it’s all about relationships and building trust, learning not to judge and being in a group mindset of finding solutions to problems. This is the lifeblood of a successful project. Of course a good site, clear community agreements and a well funded and thought out legal structure is important too.

I am running my second free masterclass where I will discuss the 5 key success factors in community building, for those wanting to join the revolution.

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Good for you for chasing a dream, and leaving Australia when you did and escaping such a brutal lockdown. So glad you get to do what you want to do in life!

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