Are there any experts willing to speak on the topic of Intentional Communities?

We are starting a small eco village in The Bahamas, the following is getting pretty large so I would like to start hosting some webinars / virtual events to speak on some of these topics. Are there any experts or people who have been doing this for a long time that would bless us with some wisdom?

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Hello would you like to do the webinar through zoom or some other platform?

Zoom would be great.

yes i’d be interested to share, I live in Guatemala on Lake Atitlan at a community here and have started up my own ICs in both Australia and Guatemala

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Perhaps I can help.

I founded and ran EcoReality Co-op for fifteen years, until a family medical emergency made us quit. I can tell you lots of things not to do!

Here is our archived website.

Maybe I can be useful in you’re interested in horizontal governance! (power with instead of power over). I teach sociocracy and work with Sociocracy for All. Write to me at!

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