Community approval is bullshit and nobody is answering email support prove me wrong if you can

I am utterly disappointed by the fact that nobody answers the support email. No, I won’t call “you” to hear your voice if you can’t even bother to type to me. I hate most human interactions already, because most have little grace. I’m a misanthrope I suppose. So you can keep your classes and your memberships. The website looked all so professional, I thought it would have a little more class than this crap. " “someone from our staff team will get back to you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!” “system; thanks for spending time with us”. really?
bullshit is everywhere.
oh and this forum? a downtrodden batch trying to scrape their way back to dignity.
makes me wonder at what point did this organization lose its soul and purpose (probably when it became a “foundation”) and how it’s going to gain it back.
I probably won’t be here to see it though.
the rocket has launched
the ship has sailed
I wasn’t ready physically for community but,
my soul is and,
if that isn’t enough for my community to get approved then,
y’all don’t have one.

this last sentence was not an insult, since it was a hypothetical, depending on whether there is actually someone or many people working at “approving communities” (and answering support ofc)… man what a snob job the former must be too…

I have to admit that I agree with you. I’m probably going to have to utilize social media since this website is just…sigh…not really helpful.

Hey southernseeker, not sure what you’re agreeing with; have you had issues posting your own community on here too? I plan on using alternative social media like rumble and rokfin once I’m skilled and ready. This website for me would have been nice for a bit more exposure, but I’m sure over the long run with video channels, I can gain a loyal following. To me, this website is not absolutely needed; I just find it frustrating giving who they claim the target audience to be:

"At a time when too many of us feel isolated and alone, intentional communities offer more sustainable and just ways of living together. The Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC) has over 35 years of service (…).

It’s like really? You’re going after lonely and isolated people and you don’t answer support emails after I’ve sent you 3 of them using 2 different email clients? Oh and that second part doesn’t respond to the first part: sustainable ways of living and justness (whatever that means), really don’t have much to do with isolation and aloneness. I can’t remember the last time I looked at a greenpeace sign and thought hmmm joining that, picking up trash and saving polar bears would make me feel less lonely. it’s not about being sustainable it’s about having fun together by finding common hobbies. sustainability comes later when the spirit is warm and only then one can talk about healing the planet.

Hello @therosehermit. This is Neil at FIC. I read your post this morning and apologize for the delay in reviewing your application for a directory listing. Thank you for reporting that you have yet to heard back from us. I have also reached out to get an update. I know one variable which impacts our response time is the amount of applications we have to process. Also, we are all part time and process these applications and other customer service issues as efficiently as possible. Again, apologies. I just wanted you to know that there are folks receiving, reading and replying to inquiries.

Once approved, directory listings are an effective way to let seekers know communities exist. if for some reason, some edits are required, I know we provide some guidance.

You can contact our general customer service department, by emailing


oh hi neil he him.

“someone from our staff team will get back to you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!”

don’t promise things you can’t back up it’s infuriating.

would be good to have a list of criteria for approval listed so I don’t have to bend the knee and hope to God or those who play him.

" You can contact our general customer service department, by emailing"

“here’s a dead horse, keep beating it! it’ll come back to life I swear!”-Neil

I rather enjoy this website. At times I find it quite instructive. For example, when thinking about whom to ask to join with us, I think about such things as anger and anger management, and happiness and joy, and whether a person shows much desire or ability to get along and volunteer and help and do and create. Reading the things people post have occasionally been helpful in those regards. A post that exudes sweetness and love may well mean that there is a person to spend time with. A post of heat and profanity and upset, perhaps not so much. So, IC, keep up the good work. You really are quite helpful to “communities out there”. We appreciate your efforts in helping to build a better world. ~~Especially in the Spring, when, if your gardens are anything like ours, there is just so much to do every day. Stone Garden Farm & Village. Ohio. -P.S. I suppose I might mention, we have an opening or two for those happy gardeners, homeschoolers, herbalists and lovers of animals.

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And yet you use plain as day passive aggressiveness to justify your upset with me being upset and not belonging here for being upset. time to do some inner work mate.

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Hi Kevin, I’m Crystal Byrd Farmer, Co-Director at FIC. Your post was brought to my attention and we have reached out to the staffer who manages the Directory. Her lack of response is unacceptable. I understand our lack of support overall has created frustration for you. We have a small staff and work part time, but it’s still disappointing. What we are going to do by Thursday is review and approve your directory listing, or respond to you with the edits that are needed. In the meantime, please be respectful in the forum and avoid disparaging people per our guidelines. Any further posts on this topic will be closed. I am happy to talk more (by email) if you are interested. -

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Issue seems to be resolved and suggestions well taken. I thank Madam Farmer (or Byrd, not sure if farmer is a nickname lol), especially for her precision in tackling problems.

Place has turned woke. I figured that out eventually. I suggest you get out.