Perhaps this forum's purpose is too narrow

I find that this forum is very low on activity because, well, it’s one topic. Sure there are lots of subtopics, but it all comes back to intentional community. What if this became something beyond that? Similar to reddit or tumblr, but with more focus on relationship instead of content. I think we need to broaden things a bit to hobbies, education, slice of life things. Is this something the admins can foster? Or is it just the people? Let’s discuss

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“…Let’s discuss.”
OK, some / a lill. So~

“…it all comes back to intentional community…”
which is a very large topic in and of itself. For me? everything is right there

“…but with more focus on relationship instead of content…”
ok, I like that. Ck out 1 of my few on the whole forum, to you I believe. Something to the effect of/ like: “…dont really care the communities’ “intention” the relationships there are what matters most to me. I can enjoy putting my efforts into whatever they have going on (row crops, building maintenance/new development, retreat center admin or wrk shop presentations, political action, the daily activity) it is the spirit’n nature of how that is provided or after off site personal income gathering (if the alternate mode) how we relate to one another ‘once home’ - that makes up one’s life.” Kinda like ic (content’n process) the i versus the c. Relationship = process (community); content = intention(al)

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