60 Acres Seek Stewardship & Pioneers (Arkansas/USA)

Hello Folks,

We live in AR, USA, and are retired in our 60s. We’d be interested in meeting other homesteaders willing to start a small community operating under Trust Laws and permaculture designs oriented.

Please watch our video and feel free to contact us at my email address in the credits at the end

Serious inquiries only as time is running out as we all know. The mother of all economic crashes is on the horizon and although we are more or less prepped we’d feel even better if our 60 acres of land could become a refuge for a small community to survive what is coming. Households with kids are also encouraged to apply…

If you have your camper, trailer, or tiny home, let’s brainstorm and cooperate!

Gerald and Marj


I received your email via IC, watched your video, subscribed to your channel, and am highly interested. Where in AR are you located?

I have 30 acres in the Appalachian foothills of SW Virginia 4-1/2 miles south of Jonesville, VA. I’ve been trying to do the same thing you are by placing the property into a land trust and forming a small community of folks interested in permaculture and regenerative farming.

The first family I brought in didn’t work out and I had to evict them in Oct 2020. The second family who moved here last July have been wonderful, hard working and compatible with my vision for the farm.

I am living in the singlewide trailer that was here when I bought the place in Nov 2019. The previous owner had mostly gutted it, and had replaced most of the plumbing with PEX and rewired it, but gave up, and I have been renovating a little at a time since then along with repairing the old horse barn, sheds, and building infrastructure as my limited income allows. The second family has their own 5th wheel RV. I had planned to build an underground home in the hillside with south-facing solarium, but haven’t had the funds to get the excavation work done yet.

I’ve also listed the property on IC.org and on Permies.com as for sale in its entirety and as a community seeking members. I’ve had a lot of inquiries but mostly from people with no capital to invest. It’s also steeper than I’d like and difficult to maintain without building several terraces requiring a lot of excavation and investment in retaining walls, roads, etc. AR is flatter and I’d consider selling this place and joining a community like yours.

Currently, I’m having trouble with Google’s gmail rejecting emails sent from my domains and email host. Google wants me to add its proprietary security app to each of my domains. Instead, I am moving away from gmail myself and have closed down a number of gmail accounts, but if this email is rejected, I’ll send it to you via one of my 3 remaining gmail accounts.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Joy and abundance,

Cory Layne

(276) 832-2563

Greetings, Cory… the best is that you contact Gerald and Marj at their gmail address and take it from there. There is no investment required to join the Trust but of course, you will need a place to sleep and dedicate several hours weekly to the greater good. All the best and take care!