Looking for new members in Permaculture Community in SW Virginia

Hi, All,
I purchased 30 acres south of Jonesville, VA, in 2019. It has 10 acres cleared and 20 surrounding acres of forest. This was a former horse farm and has a 30x60 barn with 7 box stalls, 1 double box, and tack room. I’m currently rehabbing the singlewide trailer that was here with septic, spring water, and electric. After I build my passive solar, underground or earth bermed house, the trailer will become the community center and temp housing for new members. So far, I have put in several raised beds planted in veggies and berries, cut one swale and started a food forest, and have built mobile shelters for chickens and pigs with movable solar electric net fencing. I have a tractor with loader, backhoe, tiller, brush hog, and box grader; a riding mower, and lots of power tools. New members are responsible for building their own housing and helping with community projects. The first family I had join me in 2020 didn’t work out and have since moved on to something less strenuous. Prefer libertarians, veterans, and/or skilled and mature members. No loafers or parasites need apply. If you sincerely want to develop a homestead or farm but don’t want to do it alone, I’d love to talk with you.
Joy and abundance,
Cory “Cimarron” Layne

My name is Karina Anderson of Coalition for True World Change (www.trueworldchange.org) in San Diego. I am hoping we can discuss your permaculture community. 4trueworldchange@gmail.com