23yr old vagabond looking for community and work

Hi there.
My name is James Freeman.
I’m a 23 homeless artist just looking for community, like minded people, and a place to work and learn.
Lot of stuff lead me to this road but I’m glad I’m on it.
Im looking for sex positive, logical, and pagan people, but any community is good community.
I wanna learn to farm
I wanna build and create art with like minded people
I wanna live among real a community.
I hope to get to know you all, and hopefully find a nice place to lay.
Hope you who’s reading this is well.



Special house available in Oklahoma (of all places) and you are warmly welcome for a reasonable rental and a few hours a week for group volunteer activities, bring a friend if you can and the rent is even less. Cant wait too much longer so please get back to me asap ;=)