Seeking a space for soul connections and safety

Hey there,

My name is Julynel Kerzner! I am originally from Florida, and am currently located in Oregon.

For the last year, I have traveled in my van “Greenie,” along side my dog basil. We have officially landed in Oregon— still living in greenie!

My intentions right now are to find community. I’m seeking intentional community to live in, as well as community that gathers with similar interests.

My focus and attention tends to be preoccupied with the desire for NonViolent Communication, Zen Buddhism, Meditation, Consciousness, spiritually, gardening, tending to land, intentionality, stillness, and openness.

When it comes to living in an intentional community that values these things— my hope is to also find an opportunity to work and make a form of income.

(If anyone is aware of work in Oregon that aligns with these values please let me know)

When it comes to community that gathers with similar interests, my hope is to create group-chats and/or pages online that can allows for sharing thoughts and ideas with one another.

Hey Julynel. Your interests are fairly aligned with mine. I’m looking to start a community in Montana. I own land, and I’m looking for fellow founders. Are you set on living in Oregon? Peace and smiles. – John

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Hey Jon. I live in Montana currently, I’d really like to speak with you, as I sense a lot of common interest we share. My email is

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi Julynel, I’ve been actively seeking a tribe and am now in Oregon. Also living in my van and visiting different Intentional communities. There are some amazingly beautiful people and places living intentionally and I’ve been blessed to spend short amounts of time in a few of these; I’m grateful for the glimpse into these worlds and the kindness with which I’ve been received. It sounds like we have very similar intentions and interests.
I’ve also realized that finding a Fit with an existing community isn’t something that can happen over the course of a week or two.
Now I’m wondering, prompted by your post, if finding the people who share these values and interests might be a useful approach. I’m not set on Oregon, or any other place, however I do envision being part of a place-based community that actively moves toward a more harmonious future. Let me know if you want to chat further
all the best,

Hi John,
seeing your post brings up the same thoughts and it might be useful to talk. Feel free to contact me at your leisure