Women owned affordable private land in blue ridge mtns bipoc lgbtqia

i’m looking at buying a large piece of land and parceling it out to sell to likeminded individuals. each will own their own parcel at cost (around 12k plus utilities) and one parcel we will collectively upkeep and will have community gardens, swimming hole, place to gather and eat together on occasion.

this is not the normal ic perhaps in that everyone will live very individually but the community is there when wanted.

likeminded ideals are land preservation, living conscientiously, meditation, mindfulness, health, and getting out of the current patriarchal system which is not built by nor for women and does not serve us in general. ie zero sum game. people who want to live simply but elegantly. at one with nature. and with access to town and work if needed.

ideally we would also produce something collectively or individually to support ourselves.

i’m in appalachia currently and looking daily at land. any kindreds hit me up

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Hi there,

I may be interested in this depending on where the land is located. I am a queer afab person, interested in permaculture practices, eco consciousness, returning to nature, producing some of our own food, renewable energy, and sharing common spaces with a community. One consideration I have when thinking about joining an intentional community is the climate resiliency of the area chosen to create the community. Anyone have any idea how Appalachia is expected to fare with climate change in the next few decades?

Hi Karmik and Brussell,

I’m currently at an intentional community in Appalachia. Climate resiliency is part of why I love the mountains – stream water, frost enough to kill pests, sunlight enough to stave of seasonal affective disorder, temperate summers, no coastal disasters, land that’s unattractive to commercial development.

I like living closely with others, so Karmik’s model is not my ideal, but I’m also into queer&women’s spaces, growing food, living closely with nature, health & healing, so I’d be happy to stay in touch. Not sure how to send 1:1 messages (may be too new to the forum to have that privilege).

The answer is likely no given the mountains but is there high speed internet available? It is required for my job.

Where are you looking? I’m on the Blue Ridge farming and clearing invasive plants. I welcome peeps to help but seems they are city minded or non cooperative. Just Wwoof etc. I also value Woman space. EZ to make money here if we work together w plants, animals n improving infrastructure n clearing land. Know any such women? Not a bedroom community. Thanks, Best, Chris…farmersjoy@protonmail.com

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hello there fellow queer person. wnc looks pretty sustainable overall. lots of rain. 4 seasons. little natural disaster risk and also mountains protect some from overdevelopment. anyway i have bought land and have some acres for sale. i’m going to be installing rainwater catchment. there are two springs. and always the potential of drilling a well. hit me up if you want more info or just to keep in touch

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i emailed you. i’m in western nc. you?

no internet or even power installed yet.

hi sophical. email me anytime madisonkarina at gmail. what community are you at?

Greetings what has the last year brought?
I’m trying to start a community in Va. hard to find gardeners. I list here in directory as Extinction Rebellion
Any friends join you?
Got a garden in? Hope All is Well with you

I am a gardner, and would love to know about your community

I’ve started the applications to purchase land and/or a home, and am very interested in your projects. The Appalachians are def calling me!

About me—I am an older hippie mama iso my Babba Yaga/Tasha Tudor final home.
I have 45 years of mountain life experience, and am a retired home and lifestyle provider for differently abled folks. I’m not terribly social, but am very loyal and reliable.

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Hello. 6 months later, How goes it?
Farming solo here. Many wannabes disappear when I ask “to tell me about yourself “
Great Spring! Jungle up n running !
Let me know this note came through.

Where are you now?
Nice to hear someone observing the Biological Realities of life.
Flying solo here. Have a wealth of opportunities, short hours in a day. No debt. Listed in directory as Extinction Rebellion. No wonder I live alone ! Admin says I need a pic w everyone eating around a table… tom o food, no peeps.
On Blue Ridge River side, Va
All the Best,