Who is interested in building an Intentional Community in Northern Thailand?

Hello everyone!

We are a group of 7 people building an intentional community next to Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. We are aiming for 30 households, all ages and definitely all nationalities welcome, although members need to speak English.
Our values for this project are solidarity, support and neighborliness, and absolutely NO politics or religion (although everyone is free to believe as they please).
Since we are financing this project ourselves, we are looking for people who have some assets already.
The name of this project is NamJai Village.
Namjai in Thai means generosity, kindness and warmth

If you feel inspired, please get in touch! namjaivillage@gmail.com

Hi, nice to meet you here. We are also an intentional community near Chiang Mai. I sent you an email just now and look forward to your reply, thanks!