An introduction of Lifechanyuan International Family Thailand Branch

Our community is located in a peaceful and beautiful ecovillage supported by the local temple. It is approximately 180 km away from Chiang Mai city and 80 km away from Chiang Rai city. It was started in September 2020 and currently has 14 members living together. Our aim is to create and build a new lifestyle model for people who are kind, diligent, simple, honest, trustworthy, and who would love to contribute themselves to human peace and sustainable development of the world.

Our community has a beautiful natural environment, with faraway mountains surrounded by fairyland clouds and mists. You can hear melodious birdsong from the rain trees throughout the day. We have beautiful flowers blooming under the sunshine, and all kinds of organic vegetables are lush and neatly planted in the fields. Ducks are chasing and playing in the river happily, while buffalos and horses are grazing leisurely on the open grassland. People living here are diligent ,kind, happy and most civilized, they joke and laugh a lot every day, creating a paradise filled with love and auspiciousness.

The Thailand community has a total area of 80 acres, including residential areas, a public kitchen, activity halls, pavilions, grassland, woodlands, vegetable and flower gardens, orchards, banana forests, rivers, and small lakes. In addition to members of our community, we also have some neighbors living in the courtyard. We help and get along with each other happily and harmoniously.

We welcome people from all over the world, regardless of your backgrounds, races, religions, cultures, and nations. As long as you are interested in this new lifestyle mode, please come to visit us, experience this happy and simple life together, and help create, improve, and perfect this new lifestyle mode for all kind and lovely people on earth! We wish you a happy and unforgettable stay.

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Congratulations on your move to a community. Although I never have had a chance to adventure to Thailand but I did stay a couple months in Philippines. I am sure it is just a beautiful as the land and the people were in the Philippines. The most amazing land and water. I loved all the seafood and exotic fruits and vegetables.
I wish you the best.

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Thanks for your reply, dear friend. Though I had never been to the Philippines, I like Thai people too. Thai people are peaceful.


How is everything going in Thailand? I was there last year and would love to go back and visit. Perhaps I can visit the community too?

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Hi Johnny, welcome. It is a little hot in Thailand now. If you would like to visit our community,please kindly check this link to know more, thanks: Thailand Branch – Lifechanyuan International Family Society
If you have any question, you can also feel free to contact me, thanks!