Any Mindful Buddhist Intentional Community or Cohousing?

Hello everyone. I am new here. Wanting to move toward the West or South-East in a more temperate climate. My search for an intentional mindful and /or Buddhist community did not yield anything. If anyone is interested or knows of such a community of kalyanamittas, please respond. Thank You.

Hi Mitanc-- I too share your desire to move to a more temperate climate! As for your worthy quest for a mindful buddhist community, cohousing is by definition only organized around the principle of community and perhaps of living sustainably. So the individuals vary considerably in what they prioritize and want in their personal lives. However, our Greek Village Cohousing project is within something called the "Wellness and Lifestyle Communities land in Greece. There will be plenty of opportunities to practice meditation amongst a breathtaking backdrop, there is a emphasis in the larger community on Wellness and health, and there are plenty of people in our community who I am sure would enjoy learning mindfulness based pratices. If you are willing to live with a more diverse set of people in terms of their practices, then you might enjoy considering us.

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I am also searching for a mindful/Buddhist intentional community. I found one online so far, in New Hampshire, USA. Morning Sun

The WE Network has Gaian Temples going into the villages they are building and are hiring a Gaian Monk and Priestess as Fire Elder for most of the locations. This is just a placeholder site still under construction since there no locations open yet Check it out then if you want to apply go through to WE Network Site