Who are we at Bogata Suma Croatia

Dear fellow community creators
We are a family of 4 living in the center of wooded Croatia. Having come from inner-city life, we followed our dream of living in nature. A complete culture, way of life change set in. Getting immersed in permaculture together is very inspiring. Looby McNamara inspires us among others. As does the Findhorn Foundation. In our personal development work, Process Oriented Psychology shapes a lot as well. We camped for some years on our land. Around us but jungle. No water, no electricity. Where to begin? A steep learning curve set in. What were our aims? What do we need? And over the years, the land revealed surprises. It’s hilly in one spot and flat on the other. North sloped to south sloped and all in between. What microclimates mean, we are discovering. How to build, what wood to use, big and small tools bought and learned how to use. Over time the garden started producing the most delicious salads, the stables started to fill up with chicken and rabbits that provide us with eggs and meat. We are extending our stables. Planning to build ponds for fish and beauty. Slowly it dawned upon us, that we were getting to the limits of our combined capacity. And we have started to look beyond our horizons. We have been hosting the most enjoyable volunteers from all over the world. That experience led us to hosting permaculture, other educational, spiritual and various purposes events.
Now we are also designing a small village. A place, a dwelling a hamlet where souls can rest. A place to work together, learn and celebrate accomplishments of the day. We have found our place to be and welcome a limited number of potentially partnering villagers. A theme these days for us is how to best open space for people to feel at home. A space that is named but not prescribed by industrious form seekers. A space where one can indulge in being left alone. Or celebrate together what life has to offer. And making beautiful things (happen) and everything in between.

Thank you for the introduction! Can you share some more pictures of your place? I would love to see it!

Lovely! I’m hoping to travel to Europe in the next year or two and coming to visit your your place sounds like a great adventure.

it is an advertisement …
you are not in the directory list, why? maybe you only want to get some purchaser for course and restaurant and camping
so sad, the situation is same in hungary and as i read in ukraine also Ukrainian ecovillages during the war

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This post was flagged by a user as an advertisement and sent to our moderator review process. On review, I did not see anything to violate the Code Of Conduct Self-Promotion Policy, and I do not consider this post to be an advertisement, as it provided no request for action or contribution to their organization. It was, to my reading, informing the forum of their existence and experience, which is the purpose and intent of this space.

@ders, please refrain from stating negative assumptions about the reason for people’s questions or posts. I noticed that you asked why they are not in the directory list; I think that is a good place to start from curiosity before suggesting that they are only posting for solicitation purposes.

Whatever their reasons for posting here are, they aren’t responding to any comments and clearly wasting my precious time.

Was hoping for much better here, not another FB full of marketing and ultra rude people who ignore me.

@Casitas it’s absolutely your choice what you would like to read or not. If you feel like a topic is not interesting to you, or you don’t want to participate in it, you don’t have to spend your time with it!

I’m sorry to hear that you’re not finding the forum helpful. Would you like some help contributing so you can see more of the conversations you would like?

it would be your task, to find and filter similar ads, did you check the webpage of bogata suma croatia? or only you enjoy you are the nice moderator here

and nice to see your fast response, i have a technical issue problem on my community page, but i did not get any answer in last 8 days

@ders I don’t handle anything in regards to the community directory, I am just a volunteer moderator here on the forum. I’ve let the directory team know about your issue, though. The team lead has been out enjoying a vacation for a few days, but I’m sure they’ll get back to you soon!

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Hi Ders. I’m on the FIC staff. We have a very small communications team, but we have only 1 part-time staff person who handles directory inquiries. She was recently on vacation for 2 weeks. I’m so sorry for your frustration and want you to know we appreciate your patience.