What is a Class Harmonist Community?

Does anyone know what being a Class Harmonist Community really means?

We at the Eden EcoVillage Project have gone ahead and we have Re-Instituted the beginnings of the Reunification, of the Two Main Classes, anyway, which are the Land Ownership Class, or those, who do have the means of Production, and Survival, which is Land, with Good Water, because they can afford that, and the Non-Land Ownership Class, who might not have the means of Production, and Survival, mainly because they cannot afford to Buy Land, with Good Water. - T


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Honestly this sounds wonderful. You’ve got some great plans.

Those, who will work, at the Village Foods Store, in town, or on the Common Farm, and have done so, for 5 Years, on the job, and have always been there, when we needed them, working at the going rate, and have excelled, will get up to an extra One Thousand Dollars in Cash, as a Profit Sharing Bonus, at the end of that year, if we have done well, and have had a Good Year.

That $1,000. Profit Sharing Bonus would be based, on the assumption that they had earned $10,000. or more. If they had Earned only $7,000, then they would only get a $700. Profit Sharing Bonus.

But if we had a Bad Year, as a Collective, and that is in partnership, with the Community, of course, which is the Land Owner, the Business Model Creator, and the Water Provider, then it would be only $500.

But if we had done really well, and had a Great Year, then the Profit Sharing Bonus, would be $1,500. for those, who had made $10,000. or more, for that Great Year. But if they only made $5,000. It would be only half as much. - T McClure

I’d love to know how far along the project is as of now, have folks started moving onto the land yet? I’d say that keeping in mind that things can shift and change is important, money amounts can be decided as time goes onward.

We are still in the planning stages. - T

I wonder why is there a need for different classes in a community that is created through deliberate design? Ownership, profit, classes…these seem to be the greatest ills of the maintstream society that I always thought intentional communities are created to overcome. I am really curious about the reasoning behind your system. Thank you.

We are not inventing the Two Classes, because of any need. But we are not Abolishing them either, because of any need. These Classes are the existing Classes. We are bringing those Classes together, in Perfect Harmony, to see if they can collaborate, instead of having Class Warfare, and so in reality, we are Abolishing Class Warfare, within the Community. We are creating a Safe Zone, where people can Die in Peace. - T

Thank you for clarifying that.
I am in the process of trying to sprout a community living environment and I am trying to collect as many different views as possible.
If you don’t mind I’d be interested in your approach.
I understand that you are not inventing these classes. What I would be interested in, is understanding better what are the benefits of not abolishing classes within a community? If your goal is harmony why is it better to have different groups with different interests. Or if the interests are not different then what is the benefit again of this class separation especially if your goal is to abolish class warfare?

Also I would be interested to learn how you would handle it when those interests clash. Let’s say the owners want to sell the property but the non-owners who established their lives there and now they understandably don’t want it to be sold.

Also you are saying people go there to die in peace. Is this a hospice type environment?

Thank you for sharing all this info.

We are not actually separating the Classes. We are actually bringing them together. And this allows us to reach out to all people.

We are not Abolishing the Trees in the Forest either, just to make more room for Grazing. And so you could say that the Trees are in a Higher Class. And they are going to be respected. And that the Grass is in a Lower Class. And they will be included, whenever possible.

Everything you had before, you will still have when you join up. Your Money is still Yours, and your Debt is still Yours.

What this accomplishes is that it creates a way to stop Class Warfare, which is like Corrosion, which needs to be prevented. And so what it means is this is not a Class Warfare Community. We do not allow that. And so you will have to do that someplace else. And so we have built a Defense against being attacked, just like the body does. Right. We have to have Defenses.

A Meaningless Harmony just for the sake of harmony is Stagnation and that leads to Death. And we Hate that. We are looking for Creative People, who can harmonize with the other people, both large and small. But we are not going to take peoples money away from them, just to give it to another. And we do help people get job, but they have to be worthy of that.

We are preserving the actual structure of our society, not the imaginary one.

Big Issues will be brought before the Council. And the Offenders will be Brought to Justice.

But this is just how Green Capitalism works. And for that to work, we need Capital, to start Green Businesses. And that will create jobs, but that requires Savings. And so the Savers will need to be Honored. This is an Asset Driven Community, not a needs driven Community. Why?

That stifles innovation, and it stunts the intelligence. Why should you even want to work at all, much less to innovate, and design things, in your off hours, when you are going to get paid the same anyway?

And so we have chosen to combine the Two Main Classes, to spread our influence, and to Cross Pollinate, and to create a unique kind of Cross Culture.

And in this way we will provide a Wonderful Service. But the Trees are the Main Source of Fertility, and Stability. And so they will need to be Secured, and they should be Honored as well. And so this is a new way forwards, not an old way backwards. And so we embrace Death, by creating a good place to Die. - T

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Yes. Since you ask, in a respectful manner. Eden is a Class Harmonist Community. We are not actually separating the Classes. We are actually bringing them together.

And this allows us, to be more Inclusive, and to reach out, to a wider range of people, who may fall into either one, or into the other, of the Two Main Classes.

Your Money is still Yours, and your Debt is still Yours.

This solves a problem, by creating a way, to stop Class Warfare, which can be very Destabilizing. Why? This is a Class Harmonist Community, not a Class Warfare Community. And so we don’t support that here.

We are just asking all of the New Prospects, to get along, and to work together, just as they are, for the first 20 years, and not to expect any dramatic changes to their economic fortunes, because we do not want to attract people to the community for all the wrong reasons, like seeking personal advantage, and to take advantage of the Social and Material Benefits, which have been created by others.

We are in fact very skeptical of those who want everyone to share the wealth, but do not have any wealth to share. And it is a form of corruption, when the ideas that Politicians hold are self serving ideas, which they would benefit from.

But with that being said, we do have plans, to instigate our own version of Universal Basic Income, in a gradual way. And we do have our own version, of Profit Sharing, for Workers in Collectives. One is a Store Collective. And the other is a Farm Collective.

And we do plan to build a Homeless Village as well. - T