Anyone know if it's possible to find a community where I can continue to pursue my vocation?

Hi (new here. probably about to ask some dumb questions!)

Do communities sometimes look for persons with a specific skill-set?
In my case, I’m a guitar/music teacher and although I’m kind of at the point where I’d be willing to give it all up to live somewhere safe (- that seems like it has a future - instead of life as it is now, not knowing if I’ll be homeless next month or the month after) and be happy working on the land (or for whatever the community’s income generating model is). It would be great if I could find somewhere where I can still do what I love.
If you know where I might look to find out if there’s a way to find that kind of info - please let me know.
ok. Love you. Bye :smiley:

In many communities people continue to do dayjobs, particularly in cohousing communities, but also in some other intentional community models too. So it shouldn’t be a problem in most situations for you to keep teaching. Perhaps whatever community you join will enjoy having you teach people within it for barter, teach the kids, do concerts for barter, etc.

The only type of community model I can think of off the top of my head which would mean giving up your dayjob would be in a situation in which everyone works on the land itself/runs the general store within the community, etc., a self-sustaining situation where the work done is only within the community itself. But most intentional communities aren’t like that, as far as I’ve observed in my learning so far.

Hi I am Erik, and I am the founder of Gaia Earthen Technologies Polytechnic, a non profit dedicated to Sustainable Living Education and Research & Development. By trade I am a mechanical/automotive engineer, and I hold an MBA, and a PDC, and I have studied and teach earth architecture.
I started Tranqvillium, Sustainable Living Education and Research Community in the California Mojave six years ago, and I am still working on developing it into a viable off-grid, sustainable living place for those who want to live that lifestyle. You can read about this project here: []
The main focus of the community is Sustainable living, and within that mostly Natural building and Permaculture. The community has no entry fee and the at the end of the 12 months “Social Experiment” period the land and all assets on the land will go into the non-profit organization that will be controlled by the residents, as members of the board. If you are interested please read the website and don’t hold back on the questions if you have any. Thank you and good luck!