What does 'Act locally; Think globally' mean to you?

What is the value of connecting with global networks — both for the FIC and for you personally?

I think there is a wealth of information and experience in countries around the world that can help enrich and inform our efforts to form communities in the US. I have participated in several GEN courses and been in small groups with people from various countries. It was always helpful to see from other vantage points than my own. Thanks for initiating this engagement.


I appreciate the question and the wider purpose for asking it, though the phase itself has a history of being co-opted.
What comes alive in me with this question, however, is the notion of Bioregional education and resource centers that are self-organized around watersheds and naturally occurring landforms. These centers can become the growing edges of a different kind of resource interconnection as modern energy use declines and industrial economies decay.


Thanks Glen. In other Regions of the Global Ecovillage Network (Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Oceania/Asia), there are a lot of National Networks, but here in North America, where we just have two, there’s a lot of excitement around the communities network organizing bioregionally.

I’m aware of several bioregional communities gatherings being planned and Sirius Community (where I’m currently living) is interested in becoming a bioregional education center.

I’m also curious to hear more of what you mean by “the phase itself has a history of being co-opted”. Can you share more?

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