Global Ecovillage Network - Resilience Project(time sensitive) and other emerging opportunities for synergy


I would love to discuss the opportunities for synergy that exist for FIC communities that also identify as ecovillages within North America and also globally.

In particular there is a time sensitive application here for established ecovillages to participate in an exciting project as part 20 case study communities from around the world across the regions of GEN.

More details: Join us - become and ecovillage case study!

and a direct link to the application here.

The deadline for applications is August 24th so if you are feeling inspired please jump on applying right away.

I will share updates to the Resilience Project and other GEN synergy opportunities in this thread.

Please chime in with thoughts or questions on the specific project or the broader topic.

Warm Greetings,

Keala Young
GEN Network Steward Circle
GENNA ​Regional Liaison ​