What are your favourite community songs to sing?

Community that sings together stays together, right!

With my permaculture tribe, I love singing ‘Bella Mumma’ in rounds. It allows me to sink into connection with our tribe and the earth. In Tamera, they have a song about sanctuary that is beautiful - I can never remember the words. As a Celt by birth, when get together for clan gatherings, all the Scottish ballads are belted out, along with some new additions - any excuse for a sing song!

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We’ll have to see. One thing I want to do as I aim toward community is sing a concert each month in the commonhouse and encourage other performers to do the same as part of community life, likely we’ll make such concerts open to the public for a small fee too and part of the money will go to the artists and part will go to community expenses. Will there be sing alongs? Maybe, we’ll see, it depends on what people want to organize. I’d certainly organize a Christmastime sing along myself. Most of the year I do Celtic/fantasy/folk singing professionally (think Renaissance faires, fantasy festivals, pirate campouts, artisan markets, singing in the parks for tips, etc.), but I love Christmas songs of all sorts too.