The benifits of having a community membership category of Peripetitic Communitarian in any community

I am in my second year of living my life out as a self-designated Peripatetic Communitarian, “Peripat” for short. I feel it is potential of great benefit to both any community and any individual seeking or belonging to community.
I first heard the phrase used in describing it’s coiner, Geoph Kozeny in 2015 on The Farm in TN, unfortunately 8 years after his passing. He is very searchable including on Immediately on hearing it, I let out a giant gasp: Ha! that’s what I am!
My personal working definition has become: I live in community every day of the year, 2 or more communities, 2 or more months each, each year repeating. Currently living in 3 communities, in 3 states in the “U”“S”, which mite be called an attempt at a community of communities it self.
So far, I am amazed at the benefits I feel to my self as individual, and very hopeful for the benefits to each community available.
I have met a number of younger communitarians who live on edges of processes of memberships, & affiliations of immense endeavor, with more than one community each, who are very attracted to the concept. And I hereby put this up here for potential discussion. —grateful ole mar_tree


Love this! I can tell you and I would get along famously. Keep up the positive vibes and showing positive examples of what’s possible.

I love this, one idea I have is a farm share. Kind of a time share but farm work and profit sharing.

I’ve been a “frequent flyer” in some communities over time, and sometimes it’s been tough to feel like I could be a part of community while continuing to do work that requires travel (that I enjoy!). Also… it gets cold in some places and hot in others – why shouldn’t I be able to split time? :rofl:


While the FEC (federation of egalitarian communities) does have precedence for dual membership within its communities, In practice this can be quite difficult to set up. I imagine that it’s easier to be a peripat between communities that are not fully income sharing or communes. In working towards dual membership within the FEC communities the the member and the member’s communities have to have pretty thorough level of negotiation, conversation, and transparency around money. Which community is responsible for covering that members needs and when?

I think it’s fantastic to have movement between communities. I think it’s a hundred percent necessary to spread knowledge share enthusiasm reduce boredom and have fully developed lives. Living in community means we don’t have as many funds available to us all the time and traveling between communities means we get to have more affordable vacations.

I have lots to say on this. I’m not a peripateic communard right now but easily could see in myself moving into that role later in life for various stages.

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