Communities Centered Around Music

Are there any existing intentional communities centered around sharing and creating music? As an individual who abandoned the right-wing, fundamentalist religious community I was raised in to favor free-spirited freedom, I find myself sensitive to spaces and communities centered around agendas of most sorts, even well-intentioned ones. The spaces I gravitate to and feel most at peace in seem to be music related- drum circles and song circles- as music is such a powerful, unifying force for humanity. I long to find beautiful, simple community, just others who wish to share music and presence in support and love of one another as we journey through life as community.

I admire the fact that you speak with simplicity. If I were to find a community with only one rule, it would be music. Never have done well with too much structure or too many guidelines. Keep in touch! The happiest I’ve been in my life was living in the high desert of AZ, off grid. Sometimes alone, and sometimes with others. I believe music is something that can connect almost anyone. Toying with the idea of buying another piece of land, not sure where. What I did learn during those two years, was that it was much easier to have at least a few people around, for many reasons. Anyway, keep in touch! You or anyone who can transcend “the box” : ) -Nick

#following this… i live on land based IC in Nor Cal and love music and dance as center piece of community