What are you most looking forward to in 2024?

What are you looking forward to in 2024 and what are you most grateful for?

My husband will begin his classes in order to change careers and will finish in midsummer. While it will make things harder for us temporarily in a few ways, it will make things better for us financially in the longrun! It also means that we will probably be able to afford to rent in a cohousing community that we liked when we toured it back in March if a rental unit comes available after July! The hard news is that rentals don’t come available often, but the happy news is that we only need one, :), and it is somewhere that, though not perfect, meets most of our hopes and where we feel we could be a good fit. We won’t know whether intentional community is truly right for us unless we dive in and give it a go, and we may finally be able to do that now that there will be a bit more money for housing. We need a mix of togetherness and privacy, so I think this will be a good fit, hopefully we can rent a one bedroom or two bedroom. If the only thing we can get is a three bedroom then we’ll take a housemate, even more community haha.

Also we get to go to Hawaii in springtime with my father, which I’m stoked about too :slight_smile: But that’s not intentional community related.


That’s really exciting @RionaAndLogan! Congrats to your husband for starting his classes, and I hope the best for your intentional community adventure. Even if not perfect, it sounds like it will be a great fit! Hawaii is so beautiful, I went for the first time last year. What island are you visiting?

Kauai, I went as a little girl and I am delighted to be able to visit as an adult and show it to my husband, who has never been anywhere tropical.

I’m taking a tour of another cohousing community which may also be a viable fit for us, in early Jan. If all goes well I can add us to that interest list for a rental unit as well :slight_smile: Now that Portland is, slowly, becoming safer again, my husband is becoming open to living on the edge of town, as long as we’re not too far in, and at both of the communities we’re considering we’d be on the very edge of town even though the address says Portland. Options in the suburb cities are limited for community unfortunately, so hopefully one of these will be somewhere we’ll fit and timing will work out.

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1). de-commercialization of life around me. Creation of small scale rather than corporate. Direct democracy growing in politics, economic systems, governance, race relations, finances, and my neighborhood.
2). deeper relations where/when occurring, the removal of Sociocracy/dynamic governance in a key organization and growing use of facilitated consensus.
In Community,

  • -Chad

Did you find Sociocracy/Dynamic Governance was not working well? And you want to switch to facilitated consensus? I like to learn what I can about models that my community might learn from.

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