Learning about co-creating one pleasant dream , fantasy, or ideal reality

if interested in this topic: "Describe your version of living and experience that’s a pleasant ideal dream scenario or lifestyle?

Who wouldn’t want to live in their version of paradise, maybe our versions are similar, let’s find out.

Anyone alive can respond.

My husband and I are on the interest list for a cohousing community on the edge of Portland OR, we need to stay in that metro area because we prioritize living close to family. I’m also always on the lookout for other local options that would involve renting, we’d need more than a bedroom, we really need either a one bedroom apartment or ADU or maybe a tinyhouse if it also has a storage shed. We want to have a mix of sharing and communality, and some privacy, so if I don’t get the dishes done one night no one is dependent on that and frustrated with me, :slight_smile:
This is what we want for now, the next year or two, to see if living in community is indeed for us, and we for it.

Our longterm goal would be to buy the deed to property and thus be able to hold some land and build a small community with others, and also encourage friends to buy adjacent properties to have intentional neighbours for the small intentional community.

Regarding community, we value:
Personal liberty,
Collaborative cooperation,
Personal responsability,
Respect and kindness,
Connection with the earth.

What do you seek in community?