Affordable intentional community

Hello all,

I am a student & have a chronic illness.
I am seeking to join an established intentional community or in development intentional community.
however running into issues.
Most don’t seem very affordable.

Are there any you guys can suggest I can look into further.
Open on location just ideally has to be out of the midwest & not in the south.
Private living space is preferred however as I am new to this I am open to hearing more.

Thanks everyone :blush:

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Unfortunately many intentional communities are not accessible to those of us who need affordible options. Some only allow buying your space. Some allow renting though so you may have options. The 2 ideas I can think of right now are: Kailash Ecovillage in Portland OR, rental-only model, apartments, below market rate, gardens/permiculture, community spaces, in the city, etc. Another idea would be the forming community of Willowhaven up in WA, its specifically for marginalized people groups which means that with your chronic illness you could likely participate. The point person for it is KyraLavenderDove, who is on these forums.

Myself and others are forming right now, but we already have some folks who can’t contribute much financially and since we need to buy land we need some more confounders with more capital, but eventually when its time for people to join one of our goals is to have some renter units so more variety of folks can join us, money less relevent.