Vision for IC in New Mexico

Hello! This is my first post but I’ve lurked this site for about 7 years and am finally ready to explore making a community of people with similar values, interests and goals.
A couple of friends and I are in our 50s and currently living in southern New Mexico. We plan to start a cannabis farm since it was legalized for recreational use last year. However, we’re not just potheads, lol. We have very similar views in that we are empaths who’ve felt increasingly asphyxiated by the amount of political, social and overall hate vitriol consuming our societies. We can’t change the world, but we dream of creating an off grid, sustainable, self sufficient homestead to shield us from the toxicity of society, with more than just cannabis harvesting to make a profit that will constantly fund our expansion. We are stressed and disappointed by the world we live in, and we think there is hope yet to change our surroundings into a healthier place to live and bring peace and meaning to our lives, at least for ourselves, here in New Mexico. We know there are others like us out there, so our wish is to start on our production in the rented land we live in, and make connections here with other folks who are deeply inspired by the idea of helping create an environment best conducive to grow together as humans. An ideal candidate to join our community would have qualities, interests, skills, and knowledge of any of these areas to help us go from a weed farm to a true intentional community that offers us more quality of life while enriching the surroundings for all of the IC. Making some early connections with serious people will help guide our search for land.
Cannabis will be the first purpose for the land because that is what will bring in money. That influx will cover our minimalist lifestyle expenses, and mostly work toward purchasing land with the potential to grow into an actual IC. If that becomes a real possibility, we are planning to have full off grid capabilities, grow our own food, lead healthier lifestyles, have some farm animals to help in our survival and treat them with love and kindness, use natural and green resources and, mainly, create for ourselves a peaceful place to live in harmony.
Only a diverse and eclectic bunch might want to read on - great! We love that, and especially want to hear from you if you have skills and labor to contribute with in making these expansions over time.
What we hope to create and grow if others have similar views can be really wonderful, but it’s crucial to survey interest of likeminded folks to succeed, so I’ll respectfully tell you what we are about - if this resonates, we would love to hear from you! If not, please don’t take offense and refrain from commenting. All communities should ideally be created people with common goals and philosophies to make it a successful partnership. Below are some of ours, and it’s most important for us that you identify with them as well. We know there are others like us out there, so our wish is to start on our own initial harvest in small quantities locally as we search for ideal land to purchase in this state, and make connections here with other folks who are deeply inspired by the idea of helping create an environment best conducive to grow together as humans. An ideal candidate to join our community would have these qualities:

  • You believe that it is possible to live in harmony with OPEN MINDED people of ALL walks of life, creeds, identity genders, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientations, lifestyle, etc. and you believe that if your community is happy, so are you.
  • You’d like to start seeing people as people, not obstacles in your way that take up negative real estate your head. You can easily show that and learn to recognize in others to know the difference.
  • You are okay respecting others’ privacy and understand we should have as much lone/community time as we want or need, but we do work together for the good of each member’s quality of life. We have each others’ backs.
  • You don’t care what religion anyone is as long as they accept that trying to convert others is absolutely not allowed. Freedom of religion includes freedom from religion, which is one of the reasons this country was even created as the colonies sought their independence from Britain.
  • Your political views are yours, and you have perfected the art of keeping it ALL from polluting conversations. In fact, we arrived at this idea when we realized how much this climate has messed with us as individuals and in how it has changed our relationship to others in ways that never mattered to us before. We long for the days when we welcomed people into our lives simply because we had things in common and because we liked them. In those days we didn’t really care about other people’s religions or political beliefs. We just cared about good chemistry and seeing and appreciating the good in others. It seems the only way to gain some form of those good old days back is to to forget about any politics altogether and stop paying attention to news of any sort other than weather :sunglasses:We need to find and create more positivity in our lives.
  • You are a “live and let live but don’t burden others with your drama, or challenge our rights to expect the same of you” type. We are personally anti-organized religion, anti-conspiracy theories, anti-Republicans (as in the one we see these days, not from the old days in which Republican values included giving a crap about all of society). Anti folks who somehow thread those beliefs into any conversation.
  • You believe or support the idea that every citizen should be respected in their rights to pursue happiness. This is only possible if we are a community that operates under the premise that to do what you want you must think of how it might affect others.
  • Anything that we recognize as a blind following to institutions or TV personalities that sell you a “packaged reality” is a sure dealbreaker. We are negatively affected seeing the widespread acceptance of almost half our population to be close minded, harbor and spread lies to grow the social divisions… because they are totally ok to have others do the thinking for them by demonizing anyone outside of their mold. You use your brain and think critically, globally, and humanely.
  • You might agree that the “American Dream” is only dying because we stopped caring about our planet, fellow man, woman, and child over the years, and DEvolved into the ME FIRST, then US vs THEM approach.
  • You embrace diversity and welcome it into your life, because it enriches you personally and expands your outlook and views of the world around you.
  • You love animals and respect nature. Raising for food is ok, but hunting for sport is an abomination to you.
  • You believe that if we can’t change the world, what we CAN do is change ourselves in genuine ways and that, in turn, invites positive change from others around us.
  • You are an empath and by now tired of living in the “I hate people/people suck” mentality and would love to have neighbors where we can collectively change that.
  • You have been thru hardships but came out better because of them…. you learned to identify lessons and analyze those experiences as a way to find silver linings and more positive and open ways to deal with future conflicts in a successful way. That’s the type of growth we are looking to expand on with others. We can only succeed if we can be good, honest and effective, compassionate communicators. A willingness to always identify and follow ways to improve yourself as a human being is a huge asset to those around you. It draws the right kind of people you need into your life.
  • You see personal enlightenment as a crucial part of development of your spirit and approach to the world surrounding you. You identify, nurture and encourage the good things in others and would like the same treatment in return.
    If you’re still reading and excited by these possibilities, we would love to hear from you and know what you can bring to the table!
    Many thanks,

Hi Val! This is awesome and I love the vision! Let’s connect ASAP to see how I can help! My email is