Unsure where, but wanting to help to setup local, responsible, sustainable communities

any community (and broader network) with something like a homestead flipping exchange* opportunity? i don’t believe or want to buy into the conventional Economy to the extent it is actually environmentally destructive, imbalanced, unsustainable, and misguided in need of fundamental reform (eg dependencies on unsustainable, imbalanced material and energy (eg fossil fuels) consumption). the opportunity is basically - whether i live there or not (especially to the extent it is too far away from my desired community**, i get credit for helping setup a ecovillage that lives environmentally sustainably, relocalized (design that does not/minimally use fossil fuel or other hyped, artificial/industrial levels of energies), likely a slow money***, local economy, effectively with a good ecological management/footprint, etc.
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***Keshav's site - evolved thinking

*planning project of rehabilitating commercial ag. in the central valley.docx - Google Docs
**My Desired Ecovillage - Google Docs