Tracking down a book title

Hi there! I recently had a conversation with someone who told me about a book about the early development of intentional communities in the PNW, but unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere online! It’s possible I’m searching by the wrong title name, so I figured I would reach out and see if anyone else recognizes this book.

They told me the book was either called “Finding Home” or “Building Home” and details the early history of settler-colonialism in the Pacific Northwest and how the communities that first formed resembled more commune-style societal organizing. Over time these communities dissolved and collapsed as their members shifted toward more nuclear-family lifestyles, but it’s suggested that the proliferation of intentional communities and communes that persists in the PNW may have its roots in the 1800s.

It’s possible I’m paraphrasing somewhat heavily, but if this is familiar to anyone, please let me know!

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You may be talking about a book from Swami Kriyananda, the founder of Ananda Village, who eventually attempted to build a community in Oregon. I doubt that is the book, but I HIGHLY recommend this book to you as it very much resembles what you’re talking about and is one of my favorite community building books,

The title is: The Need For Spiritual Communities and How to Start Them

It was one of the first books I added to my must read list for newly founded members or those interested in joining or starting a community.

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Peaceful Valley Village