Support for communitarians

I wonder why it costs money to have community chats with the Fic? As someone that has been in the hunt for 14 years, I find it very frustrating when everything is about money when I am struggling to get out of the system, money is one of the things that is very limiting, especially when you don’t know how you’ll survive quitting jobs.

And 14 years is an extremely long time to be in flux so I’ve always felt like I needed more support, not just a forum in the cold form of communication of written word and now with high speed internet that can be accomplished. It’s just this need for money which I get but it doesn’t have to be if people could spare a few hours to volunteer. It’s seems insane to me.

A friend Roger, who has facilitation experience, and myself are starting to host weekly community chats as a supportive group and he is ready to bring more people in on the chat. Tuesdays nights at 7:30pm est. currently. email me and/or him to get the link.

Also, why is it so difficult to edit on here on my iPad? I almost didn’t post because of the small window available to doctor this message. Grrrr…
Delaware Dan

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