How to support oneself while living in community?

I’m thinking about some type of remote work, that would take about 20 hr/wk and be able to earn enough to cover expenses.

I’ve been thinking about programming, AI, machine learning, web development. Though feels like years away in terms of the learning required to find a job.

I was also thinking about the Internet of Things, electronics, precision agriculture. Perhaps that can be also useful in the context of community. I don’t know, any ideas?

I saw a documentary of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, someone saying he worked “doing captions”. I guess he ment like transcribing subtitles for videos?.

Anyways, I’m looking to learn how to make money while living in community :slight_smile:


I’m interested in the same. The money “issue” is really the only thing stopping me from joining a community. I need to cover paying down my student loan but apart from that only pay for whatever common expenses the community has. What is the typical cost of living in a community? Are there communities where you get paid to work for the community?


I too have issues with acquiring money; traveling to a community (new/established) is going to be my next hindrance. With what little knowledge I do have about anything, I can help build structures, tend gardens, lay cables, & wherever else. I’ve got my own tent; if I move further from the food banks, I’ll need another food source (likely working for my foods). I’m not entirely asking for any kind of assistance from anybody here [yet], and I apologize if it’s inappropriate for me to post this here. Just know that I’m currently out of shape & recovering from frostbit toes.

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Hi WizardHopeDragon, I think it’s ok. I’m glad your open about your situation. Economy is a really important topic an often a barrier for people to change their life, which is a pity. I volunteered in several communities where you get food and lodging in exchange for some daily work. I think that should be possible for you, and would make much more sense that living on the streets and living of food stamps if that’s your situation. I think this topic is really interesting so happy that we open the conversation.