Suggested edits to forum

This forum is spectacular! Nice work everyone. :slight_smile: Some edits:

Can we make the badge icons and names more fun? I’d also like to see them in the FIC colors.

“Location” and “About” are listed twice under the user profile settings.

Perhaps this list could be alphabetized?

The “resource” tag should be “resources”?

The “Notifications” and “Messages” tabs seem redundant. Both contain similar info.

The /faq and /guidelines pages contain the same info.

Can we require that admins upload a photo and a name (for example: “FIC IT”)? Seems friendlier.

P.S. How can I edit tags? The course name tags needed to be updated, and will continue to need updates as we add more courses. :computer:

Heyo @laurenhugel!

Many thanks for this excellent feedback! I particularly appreciate the screenshots :pray:


  • Made it possible for Leaders to create tags
  • Removed the extra ‘location’ and ‘about’ under the user profile
  • Changed the ‘resource’ tag to ‘resources’
  • Updated the generic FIC IT profile to be more friendly: I now have a face and a name :smiley:
  • Made using a full username required, but there is no option to make a profile pic required. What we can do to encourage full profiles is to add info on this to the onboarding material, so heads up @admins that I edited the getting started page to reflect this. I also noticed we had no link to the getting started page from the about page so I added a short note there to help guide our new users.
  • I also changed your username to laurenhugel @laurenhugel :smiley: as I saw the system seems to have changed it to laurenhugel2

System things (that we can’t change because it is part of Discourse):

  • Badge and icon colors - we can only choose between gold, silver and bronze BUT we can upload custom icons, so I’m looking into that.
  • Alphabetizing the list - not a supported functionality
  • ‘Notifications’ and ‘Messages’ tab - part of Discourse main setup I’m afraid.

To be done:

  • The /faq and /guidelines pages contain the same info: @elsbeth or @m.frankit.t could you please look into this?
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Great feedback. What is the official explanation about the difference between notifications and messages?

Is “notifications” literally just a running chronological list of notifications received of all kinds?
Whereas “messages” is the personal message system that doesn’t necessarily correspond (unless you have turned on notifications for all messages)?

Are “notifications” like push notifications on a phone? I noticed when it asks if I wish to be notified about forum topics, and I said yes (for my post) it asked my browser for permission to do push notifications (directly to the OS I guess?).

Hi Maxeem! Thanks for your question — your understanding of the difference between notifications and messages is correct. Let us know if you need any additional clarification!

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Lovin it. A couple suggestions.

It took me a little while to figure out that I had to click the yellow arrow button to add a comment. What I was looking for was a text field at the top of the screen, like with other social media platforms. Can you make it a little more obvious how you add a comment?

I would like to see newest comments at the top. I think the newer comments are going to be more interesting and engaging. Though maybe something like other platforms have where you can elevate a comment by liking it would be good. Doesn’t necessarily need to be totally chronolgical. If nothing else, maybe add the ability to sort comments by newest to oldest instead of oldest to newest?

The distinction between topics and categories in the onboarding doc was a little confusing to me. It took me a little while to understanding (if I’m understanding this right), that topics are within categories, and I can start a topic but I have to pick from the categories offered.

I just saved this message as a draft to explore something and it took me a minute to figure out how to get to where my draft messages were.

Thanks for the great work!

It’s looking great! And quite easy to navigate.

Some thoughts: could the new comments appear on the top of each topic instead of the bottom?

Also, it took me a while to understand where I should write and if there would be a difference between replying to the topic or answering an individual comment. The reply button on the right side made me believe I would be responding to a comment instead of the topic itself.

Congratulations on the work; it’s already amazing!

I like the way reddit does comments, with indenting replies.

Is it possible to allow what a person is looking for, in a community, to be marked on their profile (maybe community interest, or ideal community relationships) as they would in the advanced search? Even if such communities aren’t yet existing, others could be looking for the similar.

I also wonder if this is the appropriate platform for requesting needs for different communities, such as needing certain supplies for barter or lower prices, or help because of low population to complete certain projects. I personally could use a few bottles of Avon’s bug repellent; only because I want to stay away from Deet containing products.

Would emergency information about communities in disaster areas be a meta category, a discussion, or a category on its own?

Suggestion: be able to follow an individual’s posts - get a notification about it. this way we can learn about each other more deliberately.