[closed] Tags Tags and more Tags

Great job on getting the forum up and running….I tried to tag my initial post with “permaculture” and noticed it wasn’t listed. I would imagine other folks also wanting to add tags of their own choosing…perhaps this can be adapted to be permitted somehow in the future

Hi @ammo_44 , right now we have the forum set up so that only admins can create new tags, in hopes that we’ll be able to keep things organized well as the forum grows.

Since we hope that community members like you will want to add new tags as you topics that we haven’t considered, we do have a process for requesting new tags. You’ll see the full instructions for that in the onboarding post towards the bottom of the page.

A simple summary is: when you don’t see the tag you need, just tag your post with ‘tag-request’, and let us know what tag you need added either in your original post or in a reply below. Admins and moderators are following the ‘tag-request’ tag, and will add what you need to the system and update your topic to include the requested tag.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback on this process!