Setting up a governance structure

I am part of an off-grid community in Belize that’s been in existence since around 2010. We’re in the process of transitioning from a developer-controlled structure to self-governance. We want to create a framework for voting by community members; developing a set of by-laws, articles of association and other documents required to become a legal entity in Belize; and implement systems for managing common grounds and road maintenance, capital expenditures, etc. Are there resources available through FIC or elsewhere to guide us in this process? Also, if there are those in this community who have been through this process, I would love to connect with you.

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Have you checked out FIC’s Legal Basics course? It may not be advanced enough for your situation, but Clifford (teacher and attorney) may be a good resource. Good luck!

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Have you looked at the approach of Traditional Dream Factory?
They are a regenerative village in Portugal that is run through a Decentralized Automated Organisation.

Not sure is this is the approach you want to take, but might be worth looking into :slight_smile:

Do you want to use general voting/whatever gets the most votes gets done? Or a modified consensus structure? Sociocracy, so consensus is only necessary within a smaller “circle” of community members for specific areas like the gardening circle, the people who do that project get to make consensus and no one else has to), etc. Those are some governance models I know about, but I bet there are some other ideas floating around out there.

I have been through this process setting up our community in Australia. Im looking at doing the same here in Colombia at the moment. Feel free to connect id be happy to lend some assistance. I have quite a few materials/seminars etc that I offer that provide a lot of guidance in this area.