Looking for Partners - Beautiful British Columbia

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Ideology is extremely important when forming a partnership with others for building a functional community. That is why a charter or constitution is important, a social contract that it’s members sign. I have made a rough version of a constitution that one day I hope to refine and use to help build a functional and thriving community. My political ideology is Libertarian (or Anarchocapitalist), I think contract law would be the most efficient way to manage a community allowing for the most individual freedom.
I would like to meet like minded people who have interests in off grid hydro electric, Livestock, forestry, alternative fuel, natural medicine and construction. I’m looking for members from Europe, United States or Canada. I’m hoping to form a multilingual community (Mainly English, German, French).
The long term plan is to purchase land in the interior of beautiful British Columbia BC. Preferable over 60 acres, with access to springs, creeks, rivers or streams, that can be used to efficiently power an off grid community using hydro electric. British Columbia Canada has an abundance of these types of properties for reasonable prices.
I’m looking to network and find partners with a similar vision who are passionate about technology, independence, self determination and freedom.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and connecting with you!

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@RScarlett This idea sounds promising. Do you have additional sources of energy to consider using to supplement the community?

Hi! I agree with you about people agreeing on ideology being important. So I have a question:

How would contract law be enforced at all (and count as “law”) much less be essential to the foundation of the community if it’s anarcho-anything?

The partnership would require that all parties sign a contract that is much like a charter. This ‘charter’ would be used to protect all the members. Everything would be subject to the charter or constitution. That is any other contracts initiated between members couldn’t violate the charter. Who would enforce this? The community as a whole. If a member violated the contract somehow then contracts are binding in the outside world too. My main concern is with the sale of land within the community. How this is managed and that the sale be managed by the community. I’m still working on it though. Thanks for the questions.

BC has an abundance of land available with off grid hydro electric potential. We also want to look into using biofeul.

@RScarlett Could you give details on the use of such power sources? How they are built, how they are to be maintained. Who maintains them?

The Power system would be the first thing the partners build. Since there are so many sites in the BC interior that could easily support hydro electric, this would be one of the features that would have to be available on the land. The original partners would build it together and a maintenance plan would be put into effect. Chances the partners won’t be experts in everything so we’d need guidance from those familiar with building and maintaining them, however I feel it’s important that all the partners assist in the building of this system so that they have the knowledge necessary to upgrade/maintain/repair the system. Later I’m hoping we can explore biofuel options for dirtbikes/four wheelers/ and other vehicles, but this would be explored after we had a reliable hydro electric system in place.

Forgot to mention we’d either use a penstock system or waterwheel depending on the nature of the water source and the land.

@RScarlett So effectivly you are looking for members with mechanical knowlege how to create these machines. Who specifically are you looking for? Engineers? Machinists?

As for the land, have you found a location, or narrowed down some potentinal ones?

Yes, exactly. I’m hoping to find these while I learn more about the systems that interest me. I spend a lot of time reading and watching what others have done and lots of time asking questions. I’m mostly interested in connecting with those who love to tinker and build things. I still have a lot to learn.
We don’t have a location yet but we are interested in the Okanagan valley.

@RScarlett I see. If you intend on making most of the components, I think it may be wise to consider primarily machinists. Others may be consulted as well, but machinists will probably be the main people to actually make the parts.

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