Selfie Sunday Thread: Share a glimpse of life inside your community

Do you have any selfies of you in your community, snapshots of your day to day life, a pic from a visit to another community, images of your current group, or a nice reunion shot? The title says selfie, but I encourage you to share any glimpse into community life and its people.

Yesterday I got the idea to reach out to Nickel City Housing Co-op: Plankton House alumni who still lived in the area, and invite them over for a quick photo on the porch. I was so grateful for those who showed up today in snowy 30 degree fahrenheit weather with less than 24-hours planning to hang outside on the porch sipping tea and coffee while we waited for everyone to gather. The group of folks pictured here include the 6 current members of the house, and 10 alumni from various years. With a little bit more planning, and hopefully in warmer weather, I hope to track down the alumni who lived here prior to any of us represented in this photo. Just missing members from the years 2006-2010.

I’d love to see any photos you have to share of community life! Please share them in the thread below.


Hey everyone! This is our household on the day we bought the house (minus the dog, Birdie, and the cat, Tia). I’m Daniel, on the left. @m.frankit.t is in the middle, and @elsbeth is on the right. It’s been almost a year since we moved in – I think we’re due for another selfie!

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I feel like this calls for a thread showing off the pets and creatures of intentional communities. This would give me an excuse to share photos of our yaks! Also, I want to see Birdie and Tia. I can’t believe you didn’t share them.