Seeking to get out of psychologically damaging situation and move to a life in nature

Hey everyone I am currently in a really rough situation that I cannot fully describe on here but please reach out to me if you have some kind of community or are interested in joining a community. I would love to work together with you to either join something you have going or find something together. I am willing to do whatever it takes for my freedom so please do reach out to me! I would deeply appreciate as it is something that I fear time is not on my side (please do not be too alarmed) but I also feel that moving into this lifestyle will be almost like “the antidote” for me. So anyone who is able to extend an olive branch I would deeply appreciate it at this time. Thank you

@theeternanow Well I belive there is a community in State College, but I don’t think they’re accepting members right now. How bad is the situation?

[theeternanow] Feel free to email me to talk about your post.


where are you located? So I can look at our resources closest to you.