Certainly there is a need for a baker

somewhere in the US. Some community that shares the same anti-consumer, anti-capital, environmental equity, natural living etc. values that I hold, one that is willing and able to take in this poor soul, who has been dealt a crappy hand, and would like a new deal. What say, you? Who is going to rescue me? I will return the favor in spades.

I hope you can find the right community to join up with, having abaker around is a positive in any situation I’d say, tasty treats :slight_smile:

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Last I knew, Full Bloom had a community bakery https://fullbloomcommunity.com/

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The “letter” I e-mailed to Eastwind, FWIW:

"Greetings, Salutations, Hello, Hi…

I am writing y’all in the hopes that I may persuade you into rescuing me from my “prison” here in TX.

This is a tall order, I know, but please bear with me…

I recently came across the knowledge that your farm exists, through FIC Forums. What struck me immediately was that y’all are under the path of the coming solar eclipse. I had been looking at that area as a possible “sanctuary” for myself, as going into MX was not an option, it so turns out (I know someone with farm down there, but I have no way to get down there, nor can I get a passport)

Here’s the kicker… I have been trapped under the supposed care of my younger sister since 2013. I am done. As it is now, I am stuck 24/7 in a room, in a house, in an awful suburb of Houston, which is surrounded by oil/gas tank fields and refineries. There is nothing here. No trees, no places to walk to, not even a damn corner store. This place, where my sister FINALLY says she’s done moving, that this is her final place. She has moved us SEVEN times in the past decade, and these moves have done nothing for me at all. Other than get me to hate her. Also OMG she does not recycle. Just consumes consumes consumes without a care for the future of this planet.

This arrangement is literally killing me.

What does this have to do with the eclipse? My mother, who I took care of the first 5 years I was here in TX, passed away on Apr. 8th, '18, and so now I take it as a sign from her that I must do everything I am able to, to get under that eclipse. I have NEVER seen a total eclipse, and I am 53. Seen plenty of partials, but never has there been one so close.

I understand that this is not at all possible for y’all to help me get up there by this event, and that’s fine. I am using it as a catalyst to get myself away from my “evil” sibling nonetheless.

Why am I under her care? I am autistic. Which only really means that I prefer to be by myself most of the time, and that certain “annoyances” are heightened for me. I also have heavy “special interests”…


Sorry for yelling. I am getting desperate. Very desperate. I do feel, however, that your community could help me realize this desire FINALLY.

A little more about myself… I LOVE making things, especially food stuffs, and I really really love to BAKE. I had always wanted to try it, and figured I’d be a great baker, if only I was given the opportunity. Cut to 2017, and my sister bought some pretzel making kit. Within the year, I was making loaves and rolls, among other things (we had my sister’s step-daughter during this time, so we also made a lot of cakes and cupcakes)

The COVID hits, and suddenly Youtube is filled with vids on how to make sourdough. I was hooked. This was my future. Finally something I could do as an occupation, and not feel horrible about it (I nearly drank myself to death working for a law firm, as an accountant)

My sister had other plans, though. Said I was not to bake in the last place. Fuck you, sister.

Now I suffer again. This time I have turned to sugar as my “drug” (been sober for 10+ years now). This is not to say that I don’t also like to MAKE WINE. Yes, that, and other drinks. I had many a SCOBY at one point… and a ginger bug.

So, I like fermenting stuff. Why the hell not?! I makes so much damn sense, and it tastes awesome! I got into making cheese and yogurt, also. I still have a jar of homemade malt vinegar.

Oh, and I also want to farm yaupon, though I am not sure how far north it can grow. I’ll do that here if just I can get into someplace here. Away from her. Far away from her.

I’m rambling now.

Is it at all possible y’all can save me? I will be an immense asset to your operation, AND I would love every damn second of it. I would be forever in your debt should y’all choose to “rescue” me.

So please please please, pretty please, consider helping me get up there SOON.

(OFC I will answer any and all questions you may have. Fire away!)

Thank you.

(removed my IRL name)

Here are the things about this letter that I think are potentially helpful: Talking about the things you’re good at and interested in, baking, sourdough, fermentation projects, living in connection with the land, etc. I think those are how you can lead and get a community interested in you as a member. Most communities aren’t looking to rescue anyone, they’re looking for people who want to be part of them, to add and be a good fit with the other people there. This is why leading with your skills and interests will get you farther than explaining the challenges you’re currently experiencing. As a human I read your letter and I feel for you. As a community I think they might think something like “I’m sorry you’re in such a bind, but but rescuing isn’t in our mission statement”. I’m telling you this only because I don’t want you to hear it from the community of your dreams. Its okay to say things like “I’m currently living in TX and I’m not a fit there, I’m eagerly looking to change my living situation and join a land-based community where I can pursue my passions for baking for everyone, sourdough, strengthening my connection with the earth, etc.” Things like that will “sell” you as a good candidate for community.

Obviously I as a person am sorry that you’re in a situation that isn’t okay and that you need to find a way out of. And I truly hope that East Wind, or another community in that area of the country, will invite you over to visit and they’ll be excited about your skills and desires and will invite you to join and stay.

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Nice advice for someone trying to message their way into a situation. Terrible advice for the community that will have to live with someone very different from what they pretend to be.

For folks who live in a community of friends, we would much rather know the truth of a person. Not the pretend or wishes of someone coming. Our advice for someone who would like to come? Find a way to be as whole and happy as you can, learn some helpful skills if possible. Be honest about your situation. Of course we want to hear about all your good qualities. But we also need to hear of the problems you carry. “Selling” yourself may get you into a community. But who you actually are is what folks will have to live with. Lack of complete honesty will usually not end so well.

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I am an open book. I just don’t have it in me… innately… any ability to sell myself. I can only affirm my strengths (and weaknesses) when asked to do so. I do not know how to “fake it”, nor am I ever fake. “To know me is to love me”

Try me.