Seeking Community to Find Support for the Soul

Hello everyone my name is Zachary David Carbone and I am someone who has been through so much more than I want to put on anyone in the realms of my soul being quite literally tortured for simply being myself in a world full of souls who know not themselves.

I wish there was some system of community where I could just hop on and find all communities for example in the united states to bring as many of the souls stuck in the matrix as possible to a place of peace and connection and community where we are self sustaining

I have had a vision of creating this myself but have needed a co founder and also I have faced some of the most insane pressure from the matrix itself as I have been surrounded by people inside of it still who unknowingly have been abusing my soul for simply expressing and showing how their entire lives were a lie

I know there is a better way and I just seek support from any kind brave soul on here who heeds my call

I wish for a way out and ultimately a way into a higher state of consciousness I know is possible once the root chakra is secured and we can all rise together. We can inspire the entire population to return to natural order law and existence and find the soul within themselves to get up from their routines programming to find the natural flow and “structure” of nature itself and herself

Peace and Love and I hope to hear from you guys soon!


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I am also a Fighter seeking to simply just express myself the way I know I can naturally and with the support of a community I will also be competing in local MMA Tournaments (StreetBeefs) and other promotions and I seek to promote this way of life to millions if not billions of people showing them how beautiful it can be

I have so much value to bring and I hope individuals can reach out with groups and systems that you have so we can see how we can help each other! Collaboration is King! Connection is King!

Having a peaceful community will allow me also to regain and unlock new aspects of my spiritual psychic gifts which I know I already have within me
After just a year or so of training at American Top Team at my old school Penn State I gained enough power of the mind through meditation and other practices to reach the punching power for example of a UFC Fighter and even more so than most UFC Fighters!

Unfortunately my life has been quite hard as of late because people in my immediate environment as well as my area have been through cognitive dissonance and other more insane things I will not speak on about on this website caused me to suffer much pain for desiring to express myself naturally and my gifts and just being happy for who I am within me

This is why I seek community and even to join groups and such that you guys have going so I can find my people and can commit and support what you have rolling already!

Gaia is a healer and we must all remember how powerful she is from our roots up (root chakra → crown chakra)

Hi Zach, I want to start off by saying I’m new to this forum/website, so I don’t have any advice for communities you may be interested in, but I wanted to reach out personally. You seem like a soul teeming with a perspective that wishes to be heard in depth and felt an itch to explore more. I’d like to hear more about what you want to express if you’re willing. I guess without going into too much detail of what’s been going on in your immediate surroundings (or whatever you feel comfortable sharing) , what do you feel helps to alleviate your pain where you are?

Music Meditation Journaling Baths with Steam and Connection to other pure hearted and loving souls filling the earth

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Thank you for your kind words brother I fight for the soul and for the future of all of humanity with each and every breath I take

Absolutely! I’m always happy to engage others who fight for deeper connection and fulfillment through within the soul. I strive to reach greater heights in my waking life each day.
I’ve been minorly curious about MMA fighting over the years, even thinking I’d like to get involved but ultimately decided not to.

How long have you been a fighter and what attracted you to MMA?