Seeking members for a covid cautious group!

Would you like to join a covid-cautious intentional community?

We will have fun, art, academics & activism.

The community will be off grid, growing food, and do emergency preparedness & mutual aid.

Disability, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC friendly.

The plan is to live together before purchasing property, and start this fall- or even sooner.

Please contact me it you’d like to join!


There’s no set plan. The goal is to just do what works. Here are some hypothetical ideas.

I want to do a stationary, long-term camp vanlife off-grid community that’s accessible for people with disabilities (with the goal of being inclusive of all types of disabilities) and is covid cautious. I plan for it to be as luxurious as it can get in regards to comfort. (I can’t say much for aesthetics though, I’m going for low-budget and practical) If you are not currently doing vanlife but are interested, let me know and I can help put together resources for you to join. This group is LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC friendly.

Potential locations at the moment include Colorado and California. If someone has land, a house, or an existing community in another location on the west coast (I might be able to do other regions, just depends) that would be great. My plan is to, during this time, apply for a visa in Mexico and find van life locations there. I’m not sure if I personally will go through with going to Mexico, that will depend on finances, health, and safety (ex. strength of US passport) but I’d rather do it now than worry about things later. If after the election I’m in Mexico and don’t feel comfortable going back to the US, I’ll make a new plan. I have tentative plans with disability-accessible immigration strategies but ultimately am undecided on countries.

More about this: There will be large tents so there’s more room besides the vans. One tent I plan to have as an art museum! Currently interested in origami dioramas, faux stained glass, and low-budget interior design. There will be a community hang out space with a mini library and a makerspace. There will also be disability- accessible and extremely covid cautious silent disco rave parties.

I’m currently working on van-life accessible sustenance farming to cover all nutritional needs, using foods and growing methods that save space and have high nutritional value.

You can join by heading over to this discord. If you’d like to join but don’t have discord, please dm me or leave a comment and we can find an alternative. Plans Ahoy Housing

The server is a community network. To join the community you need to verify, and then go to the buzzn bee community channel. Like I said just leave a comment here.