Pandemic safety

Is there a way to search for an IC to join that has strict isolation and quarantine requirements for people coming from outside to protect the members from serious circulating infectious disease? I would like to join an IC that has this sort of protection as a core mission of the community.


Not my cup of tea, but there is someone on the large intentional communities facebook group right now looking for something similar, maybe you can connect with them in there?

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Thanks! Can you send me a link to that group or invite me through Facebook? I’m on FB as myself - Tevna Tayler - probably the only one.

If you just google it it will be the first one that comes up, google “intentional communities” facebook group, its not a private group, so no invite is needed, its near the top of the cueu right now.

Did you ever find anything? I am going through a similar search and finding more likely the ICs are anti vaxx than pro-precautions. :upside_down_face:

I did not find anything. Let me know if you do!


Tevna (

I’m glad to see this thread!

I know that in the stillcoviding community there has been a fair amount of discussion about forming intentional communities. The covidisntover weekend zoom calls have had a few rooms where it’s come up (I’d share the link but get a new user error message). There is also a group on discussing forming covid cautious intentional community (I also get an error message when I try to add the link, but it’s called Still Coving roommate finder/ apt/ house community). The group doesn’t seem to be super active at present, and I’m still waiting for my request to join the covid-cautious ic group on facebook to go through, but I have met two people in Australia with land who want to build ic. So, I know people are “on the ground” working on bringing covid-cautious ic is into fruition!

I think it would be helpful if added categories for covid precautions to their listings to make it easier for us to find and network with each other. If there are enough of us maybe we can make that suggestion. If others are interested too, I’d also be down for a covid-cautious building or finding ic recurring zoom group.

Everyone can believe what they want of course, however I have to tell you that covid is not what we were told. It is merely the flu and was publicized for nefarious reasons. It is my duty to tell you this because it is the truth and if you want any further information I would gladly supply it. The media is at fault because they are the ones who disseminate false information. Please know this is said in good faith. I hope you will look into it. It’s very serious that people know.

Glad to hear of your disagreement with the mainstream’s claims about Covid and the vaxes. Substack dot com has quite a few writers who have mostly probably correct and some incorrect claims and findings on the subject. I have one called COVID & VAX F.A.Q.s at (COVID VIRUS & VAX FAQ's & A's - by Len Kinder) .
But what I’m mainly interested in discussing on this forum is sociocracy and using it to start a new political party for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. I have a substack for that too at (Archive - RFK Jr for President)).