Seeking Co-Founders for Clothing-Optional Ecovillage in Guatemala

:purple_heart:Peaceful Play Ecovillage

A clothing optional, off-grid paradise for visionary, intuitive, Earth-loving humans!

A new community of visionary people, doing what feels the most like themselves, living harmony with nature, is sprouting in the tropical rainforest of Central America.

We know that nature provides, and are dedicated to living in concert with the lush ecosystem in the balanced cultivation of food forests, permaculture gardens, natural cob housing, off-grid power and chemical-free lives.

The forest quiet is sacred—this is where we hear our souls and move in our innocence in clothing-optional and gift/trade economy community.

We are art, we are poetry, we are nature— we’re all in this together.

:purple_heart:Our Community

I. Consciousness, Meditation & Metaphysics

II. Clothing-Optional

III. Off-Grid

IV. Earthen Homes & Community Spaces

V. Gift & Trade Economy

VI. Location

VII. Desired Co-Founders

VIII. Meet our Founder, Chelsea

:purple_heart:I. Consciousness, Meditation & Metaphysics

Everything is consciousness, everything has a soul that wants to be felt and understood.

Our community is based in soul expressing through body in a life that feels the most like you.

Life is inherently a psychic and telepathic experience, and we embrace experiencing emotions as information about the past, present and future.

We communicate with land, plants, animals, people who’ve passed away, angels, and our fellow humans from our vulnerable true nature, knowing our peaceful, playful relationships with all beings are created by doing what feels the most like us, and collaborating with those who are doing the same.

:purple_heart:II. Clothing-Optional

We value nonsexual, social nudity in nature because we feel like art and part of the ecosystem when we’re nude.

Being naked in nature together creates a connection back to our innocence, allows us to be freely in touch with the elements, and celebrates the beautiful bodies of all people, plants and animals we share our land with.

Clothing is optional and nudity is never required— we invite you to dress for comfort, connection and what feels the most like you in any moment.

:purple_heart:III. Off-Grid

Well cared for people take good care of the earth.

We’re into power supplies that are off the grid, including rainwater capture, solar and alternate energy supplies.

As much as possible, we want to eat from the land through permaculture, biodynamic farming, food forest, foraging and other sustainable, regenerative systems that feed us and the ecosystem at the same time.

We’re also equipping members who wish to generate income remotely and connect with the world with strong Wi-Fi.

:purple_heart:IV. Earthen Homes & Community Spaces

Each family is worth their own home space on the land, and has a dedicated space to create it.

We value natural building, including cob, earthship and more, and encourage community members to create their homes creatively with minimal power tools and machinery.

The sounds of nature are sacred to us, and we find abundance in minimal synthetic sounds and substances.

Community and common spaces are created to share, collaborate and eat together.

:purple_heart:V. Gift & Trade Economy

We are deeply energized by alternate economics where people do what feels the most like themselves in gift and trade with others doing the same.

We know each person is valuable inherently and makes their best contributions through the things that feel the most like them.

We trust that we’re all in this together, and share our resources, gifts, surpluses and incomes in a way that feels natural, safe and healthy for the entire ecosystem.

:purple_heart:VI. Location

We are currently looking to buy tropical rainforest land in Guatemala.

Our ideal land is 40+ acres, has year round temperatures between 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit, minimal wind, a natural fresh water source, plenty of forest and some cleared space for natural building, and is rural but situated within 1 hour of larger towns.

:purple_heart:VII. Desired Co-Founders

All members are co-founders and co-owners, we’re actively building our community together, in partnership with nature, from the ground up by each doing what feels the most like ourselves, and collaborating in a harmonizing network with each other.

We’re open to new people who feel the most like themselves in these expressions:

-Land Owners - Tropical Rainforest


-Biodynamic Farmer

-Food Forest Expert

-Foragers & Herbalists

-Organic Cooks

-Off-Grid Natural Builders (cob, earthship, etc)

-Solar, Water and Natural Power Source Experts

-Natural Medicine Herbalist/Doctor

-Massage Therapist

-Tattoo Artist

-Social Media Guru

-Experienced Philanthropy & Donor Expert

-Soulful Musicians, Eco Artists and Intuitives

:purple_heart:VIII. Meet our Founder, Chelsea

Chelsea MacLeod Schultz (@chelseamschultz) is a psychic medium, earth sculptor and portrait artist who feels the soul in everything.

She communicates with trees, people who have passed away, angels and the human energy field, and feels the most herself when she’s naked, sculpting clay and soil into human forms in the tropical rainforest

After growing up in a conservative, Christian, blue collar suburb of Detroit, MI, Chelsea travelled the U.S. and started feeling more at home on Earth by living off-grid, in tune with nature and in clothing-optional communities.

Chelsea created Peaceful Play Clothing-Optional Ecovillage as a deep reflection of what’s always been in her heart— that we are nature, we are poetry, we are art in motion.

See more about Peaceful Play Community here:

We’re excited to root in the tropical rainforest!

Want to join as a co-founder, or donate land or other non-monetary supplies?

Email Chelsea:

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Hello Chelsea, how your project is going? I have been many times to Guatemala, also visited communities elsewhere and interested in joining a community and your vision resonates here. Greetings from Mexico